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1. why is there so much unemployment in the area?

  • because easington colliery (mine) closed taking away 1400 jobs as the government decided to import coal from overseas
  • godzilla
  • oliver carr
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2. what are the features of the CBD?

  • historical sites(st.nicholas cathedral/grainger town),shopping area(eldon square),recreational district(the gate),office areas(top quayside),transport hubs (metro central station),quasi retailing(banks/building societies)
  • historical sites/

3. what are main competitors of the CBD ?

  • out of town shopping(metrocentre) and online shopping(ebay/amazon)
  • o.o.t.s. and o.s..

4. what are the successes of the regeneration scheme?

  • it attracted £174 million worth in investments from private investors/it boosted the local economy/ it created lots of employment opportunities/ it united the cities of newcastle and gateshead/it tackled effectively problems such as social exclusions
  • money

5. what is getthoisation?

  • the process of becoming a ghetto, an isolated and underprivilidge
  • an area in which the majority of the area are students


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