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1. what is a town?

  • is a type of settlement ranging from a few hundred to several thousand, is considered to be bigger than a village but smaller than a city although there are some exceptions that don't apply this rule
  • cramlington
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2. how many inhabitants are there in the settlements?

  • bodiggo(100), wylam(2100), cramlington(39000), newcatle upon tyne(280200), london(8,3 million)
  • 100/2100/39000/280200/8.300.000

3. what does the dtm shows?

  • stage 1/2/3/4/5/
  • birth rate/death rate/changes in population overtime
  • your face(turn down for what titiritititirititiriri)

4. which area in newcastle is a guetto?

  • fenham
  • jesmond

5. what is a city?

  • is an urban settlement. definitions may vary between countries, in some population size is a criteria and in others a city may be a settlement with a particular historical,legal and administrative status
  • newcastle upon tyne


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