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1. what is the social profile of jesmond?

  • is a residential suburb/it has 12000 people/close to 2 universities:newcastle and northumbria/ lots of students live in rented flats and homes
  • is an area in the west end of newcastle/it has ethnically mixed population/22376 is the total population/14.4% is an ethnic minority
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2. what does the dtm shows?

  • stage 1/2/3/4/5/
  • birth rate/death rate/changes in population overtime
  • your face(turn down for what titiritititirititiriri)

3. what is the social profile of easington?

  • it is between sunderland and durham, it has an population of 1880 and it had a mining community
  • a village located between newcastle and cumbria, and is part of the northumberland national park

4. what are the services in otterburn?

  • hotel/ a coach company/ one road in and one road out/very few shops/ semi detached and detached country houses
  • butcher/army/doctors
  • taekwondo classes

5. what is a city?

  • is an urban settlement. definitions may vary between countries, in some population size is a criteria and in others a city may be a settlement with a particular historical,legal and administrative status
  • newcastle upon tyne


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