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1. what is a city?

  • is an urban settlement. definitions may vary between countries, in some population size is a criteria and in others a city may be a settlement with a particular historical,legal and administrative status
  • newcastle upon tyne
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2. what is the housing situation in easington?

  • the houses are mainly terraced, they were built to accommodate the workers from the nearby mine, the type of housing needs a lot of repairs as the area of easington is in decline
  • durham county has set up an initiative to clean up the mining areas around easington

3. how many car spaces has metrocentre?

  • more than 20000
  • =20000

4. what are the successes of the regeneration scheme?

  • it attracted £174 million worth in investments from private investors/it boosted the local economy/ it created lots of employment opportunities/ it united the cities of newcastle and gateshead/it tackled effectively problems such as social exclusions
  • money

5. what are the services in otterburn?

  • taekwondo classes
  • hotel/ a coach company/ one road in and one road out/very few shops/ semi detached and detached country houses
  • butcher/army/doctors


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