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1. what are the services in otterburn?

  • taekwondo classes
  • hotel/ a coach company/ one road in and one road out/very few shops/ semi detached and detached country houses
  • butcher/army/doctors
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2. what is a hamlet?

  • a rural community which is too small to be considered a village
  • bodiggo

3. what is perception ?

  • is the process of using senses to acquire information about the surrounding environment
  • pray to buddha for the good luck, like the A+ not the bad luck like the B+

4. what is the CBD ?

  • is the main focal point where retails, banks, shops and malls are reunited
  • central business district

5. what is a town?

  • is a type of settlement ranging from a few hundred to several thousand, is considered to be bigger than a village but smaller than a city although there are some exceptions that don't apply this rule
  • cramlington


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