Parties and Party Systems

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1. Which of the following is not a reason for declining party membership?

  • rise of extremist parties
  • weakening of social cleavages
  • increase in corruption
  • loosening of the bond with trade unions
  • greater appeal of social movements
  • decay of local electioneering
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2. Who compares parties to McDonalds?

  • Carty
  • Bolleyer

3. Who say that Duverger is wrong about electoral formula's effect on the number of parties and that the formula exists to serve the demand for parties due to social cleavages?

  • Ordeshook and Coz
  • Lipset and Rokkan

4. Why does Duverger believe that FPTP leads to two party systems and PR to multiparty systems?

  • problems of math and wasted vote syndrome
  • more choice equals more parties emerging

5. Who says that the highest degree of opposition concentration exists in a two-party system?

  • Dahl
  • Duverger


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