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2. Why does Duverger believe that FPTP leads to two party systems and PR to multiparty systems?

  • problems of math and wasted vote syndrome
  • more choice equals more parties emerging

3. Who argues that moderate multipartism is only favourable on the condition that all parties are minority parties?

  • Lijphart
  • Dahl

4. Which of the following is not a cleavage in Lipset and Rokkan's theory?

  • employer v agricultural worker
  • lord v peasant
  • church v state
  • agriculture v industry
  • centre v periphery

5. Who says that 'it has already been shown that there exists no centre opinion...tendency... doctrine separate in any kind from the doctrines of the right or left- but only a dilution of their doctrines'?

  • Duverger
  • Sartori


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