Parties and Party Systems

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1. Who say that Duverger is wrong about electoral formula's effect on the number of parties and that the formula exists to serve the demand for parties due to social cleavages?

  • Ordeshook and Coz
  • Lipset and Rokkan
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2. Who introduced median voter theorem?

  • Downs
  • Dahl

3. Which of the following is not a problem raised by public funding of parties?

  • costs the electorate too much
  • gives government a device for influencing parties
  • reduces incentives to attract members
  • tends to reinforce the status quo

4. Who says that even parties committed to democracy become dominated by a ruling elite?

  • Michels
  • Carty

5. To whom does the frozen cleavages idea belong?

  • Lipset and Rokkan
  • Lijphart and Rose


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