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1. In which case in 1976 did the Supreme Court uphold limits on contributions but not to impose restrictions on the amount of personal money a candidate could spend on a campaign?

  • Buckley v. Valeo
  • Plessy v. Ferguson
  • Roe v. Wade
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2. What do Bawn et al. call it when politicians exploit the complexities of politics, knowing that voters cannot reasonably ascertain all policy positions?

  • electoral blind spot
  • conditional party government

3. Who argues that party organisation strength got stronger between the 1960s and 1980s and that strength is not determined by levels of party identification?

  • Gibson et al 1983
  • Freeman 1986
  • Huckshorn et al 1986

4. What percent of voters in 2000 did not know that Bush was more conservative than Gore?

  • 38%
  • 28%

5. Who demonstrates that campaign finance restrictions disproportionately harm challengers, increasing the incumbency advantage?

  • Kam and Kinder
  • Bonneau and Cann
  • Cox and McCubbins


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