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1. Who argues that both parties have become more nationalised because they are constituents of the national party and because regional disparities in electoral success have been decreasing?

  • Huckshorn et al 1986
  • Freeman 1986
  • Gibson et al 1983
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2. How many states are solid red as of Feb 2016?

  • 20
  • 14

3. What percent of voters in 2000 did not know that Bush was more conservative than Gore?

  • 38%
  • 28%

4. Who asserts that party leaders control the legislative agenda, suppressing proposals that might split the party and promoting the party program, creating a 'brand name' valuable for winning elections?

  • King and Smith
  • Coz and McCubbins
  • Reay and Lucey

5. What do Layman and Carsey call the increasing polarization of parties on newer 'cultural' issues due to the influence of party activists?

  • conflict extension
  • issue inclusion


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