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1. Who argues that the flow of power in the Republican party flows down from the highly socially homogenous leadership and flows upward in the socially diverse Democratic party due to a culture of open discussion and representation of minority values?

  • Freeman
  • Macguire
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2. How many states are solid red as of Feb 2016?

  • 20
  • 14

3. Who asserts that party leaders control the legislative agenda, suppressing proposals that might split the party and promoting the party program, creating a 'brand name' valuable for winning elections?

  • King and Smith
  • Coz and McCubbins
  • Reay and Lucey

4. Who argues that both parties have become more nationalised because they are constituents of the national party and because regional disparities in electoral success have been decreasing?

  • Gibson et al 1983
  • Huckshorn et al 1986
  • Freeman 1986

5. Who finds that the effect of local party activity has a greater impact on election outcomes of candidates for national office in contexts that are competitive or unfavourable to the local party?

  • Jenkins and Roscoe 2014
  • Sanbonmatsu 2006


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