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2. Which is a perfect active participle meaning having entered?

  • Intrarens
  • Intraura
  • Ingressi
  • Ingressens

3. What is the meaning of the following: templum, a fabris peritis aedificatum, Erat splendidum?

  • The temple, which a skilled craftsman is going to build, will be splendid
  • The temple, having been built by a skilled craftsman, was splendid
  • The temple, which a skilled craftsman built, was splendid
  • The tower, built by Skilled men, is splendid

4. Which is the present participle that means dragging?

  • Trahenurus
  • Trahenus
  • Trahens
  • Ingressa

5. Which of the following are the endings of a perfect passive participle?

  • I/isti/it/imus/istis/erunt
  • Us/a/um/I/ae/a
  • O/s/t/mus/tis/nt
  • I/Ibus/is


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