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2. Neale argued that Parliament used the subsidy as a bargaining tool - showing Parliaments growing power

  • true
  • false

3. Which members of the Privy Council intervened to help with Religious legislation

  • Walsingham
  • Walsingham, Knollys, Mildmay, Norton and Burghley
  • Walsingham, Knollys and Mildmay
  • Walsingham, Knollys, Mildmay, Norton

4. Parliament tried to use public pressure to influence the queen when was this seen?

  • 1586 Huge petitions to replace the Prayer Book with the Book of Discipline
  • 15746 - petition to remove Wentworth from the tower of London
  • 1581 Anti- Catholic legislation
  • 1584 petitions against whitgifts suspensions

5. Elizabeth passed a bill to exclude Mary from the succession in 1572

  • true
  • false


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