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2. traditionally what is the main function of Parliament?

  • raising taxes and passing subsidies
  • Approving new laws
  • advising the queen

3. Elizabeth is praised for her political skill in managing Parliament by which group of historians?

  • Orthodox and revisionists
  • revisionists + post revisionists
  • Neale
  • post revisionists

4. What is often seen as Parliaments greatest success?

  • an increase in political skill
  • getting Elizabeth to sign Norfolk death warrant in 1572
  • getting her to discuss the succession
  • getting Elizabeth to sign Norfolk and MQS' death warrants in 1572

5. What did Dr Turner try to introduce in 1584 which was so controversial

  • a revised Prayer Book and Genevan Service
  • A revised prayer book
  • Genevan services
  • the alphabet bills


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