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2. the enfranchisement of the boroughs led to what?

  • an increasing amount of trained gentry sitting in Parliament
  • more seats
  • more government control over parliament

3. Parliament did attempt to use the subsidy as a political tool - when

  • 1567 (Elizabeth remitted 1/3) and 1586
  • 1586 (Parliament offered an increased subsidy if Elizabeth agreed to rule the Netherlands)
  • 1569 (Elizabeth remitted 1/3)
  • 1586 (Parliament offered to increase the subsidy if she agreed to discuss the succession)

4. Why did the Queen Prorogue Parliament in 1576?

  • Elizabeth needed to 'lose' a bill demanding MQS' execution
  • Elizabeth didn't want to deal with a petition to marry
  • Elizabeth was forced to accept a well worded petition on the succession
  • Elizabeth blocked attempts at religious reform

5. which was the shortest parliamentary session?

  • 1571
  • 1563
  • 1581
  • 1584


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