Paradise Lost Quotations

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1. Which order is correct? The serpent....He hat eat'n and lives....

  • and knows, and speaks, and dicerns, and reasons
  • and knows, and speaks, and reasons, and discerns
  • and speaks, and reasons, and knows, and discerns
  • and reaons, and speaks, and discerns, and knows
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2. Astonished stood and blank, while horror chill/ ....

  • of horror veins
  • His veins ran through
  • Ran through his veins
  • Chilled his veins

3. Complete the quotation: Ye shall nto dide? How should ye? By the fruit?

  • It gives you life
  • It gave me life
  • life it gives
  • It is a giver of life

4. Complete what Eve says: still tend to plant,

  • nature and flow'r
  • flow'r and herb
  • herb and flow'r
  • herb and nature

5. Complete the quotation... Their growing work:

  • for much of their work grew
  • for much of their work outgrew
  • for much of their working was large
  • for much of their work grew larger




Once you have completed this quick quiz you can consider each question in more detail and use each question as a starter for your revision; would work well for study groups or group revision sessions.

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