Paradise Lost Quotations

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1. O fairest of Creation

  • ambiable, sweet, Holy or divine!
  • Holy, divine, good, amiable or sweet!
  • sweet, divine, good, Holy!
  • Holy, divine, good, sweet or amiable!
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2. Willingly choose rather death with_____

  • Eve
  • thee
  • you
  • thou

3. Naked left.....

  • Shamed in misery
  • To guilty shame
  • Shamed in guilt
  • Feeling guilty

4. Complete the quotation... Their growing work:

  • for much of their work outgrew
  • for much of their work grew
  • for much of their work grew larger
  • for much of their working was large

5. Complete the quotation. Ye shall not eat...

  • Lest ye die
  • lest death
  • Or ye shall die
  • Or death abode




Once you have completed this quick quiz you can consider each question in more detail and use each question as a starter for your revision; would work well for study groups or group revision sessions.

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