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2. O fairest of Creation

  • Holy, divine, good, sweet or amiable!
  • Holy, divine, good, amiable or sweet!
  • ambiable, sweet, Holy or divine!
  • sweet, divine, good, Holy!

3. As with new wine_________

  • eyes opened
  • intoxicated
  • overcome
  • he came

4. Opened eyes, new hopes________

  • new joys
  • new pleasures
  • new happiness
  • new fun

5. Seek not temptation then....

  • Trial will come unsought
  • Trial unsought
  • Trial will not come
  • Unsought not Trial



Once you have completed this quick quiz you can consider each question in more detail and use each question as a starter for your revision; would work well for study groups or group revision sessions.

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