Paradise Lost Quotes

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What is the purpose of the books?
'to justify the ways of God to men'
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Quote on Satan's arrival
'Satan... fearless returned' 'rose satan involved in rising mist'
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How is the snake described
'and found the serpent subtlest beast of all the field'
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Where did the devil enter the snake
'in at his mouth the devil entered'
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Eve wants to split jobs
'Let us divide our labours'
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Quote about joint hands and wilderness
'our joint hands will keep from wilderness with ease'
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Quote about staying with wife through everything
'the wife, where danger and dishonour lurks, safest and seemliest by her husband stays, who guards her, or with the worst endures'
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Eve questions their happiness
'How are we happy, still in fear of harm?'
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Eve on their love being untested
'what is faith, love, virtue unassayed alone'
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quote on hands parting
'her husband's hand her hand soft she withdrew'
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Quote on Eve's failure
'O' much deceived, much failing, hapless Eve'
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How is Eve spolied?
'Despoiled of innocence, of faith, of bliss'
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When Satan first spots Eve
'Eve separate he spies'
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Satan's reaction to seeing Eve
'Her graceful innocence' ... 'overawed his malice'
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Eve's description of Satan
'pleasing was his shape, and lovely'
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How does Satan say Eve should be seen
'as a goddess among gods'
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Satan describing how he ate the fruit
'plenty hung tempting so nigh, so pluck and eat my fill I spared not'
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Eve's direction to Satan
'Lead the' said Eve'
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Eve having doubts
'of this Tree we may not taste nor touch; God so commanded'
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Satan's argument for eating the fruit
'ye shall be as gods, knowing both good and evil'
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Satan's last line
'Godess humane, reach then, and freely taste'
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Eve's justification of eating
'what forbids he but to know, forbids us good, forbits us wise?'
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Eve's action of eating
'she plucked, she ate'
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Earth's reaction to Eve's actions
'Earth felt the wound, and nature from her seat sighing through all her works gave signs of woe, that all was lost'
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Bliss or woe quote
'I resolve, Adam shall share with me in bliss or woe'
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The quote with loads of d's
'How art thou lost, how on a sudden lost, Defaced, deflowered, and now to death deavoted?'
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Eve's argument for Adam to eat the fruit
'Thou therefore also taste, that equal lot may join us, equal joy as equal love'
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After Adam has eaten the fruit they become one
'our state cannot be severed, we are one, one flesh'
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Quote on their eye's
'life augmented, opened eyes, new hopes, new joys'
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Earth's reaction to Adam
'Earth trembled from her entrails, as again in pangs and nature gave a second groan' 'sky... wept at the completing of the mortal Sin'
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Quote after they have sex
'innocence... was gone... naked left/ to guilty shame'
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Quote on their shame
'leaves us naked thus, of honour void/ Of innocence, of faith, of purity'
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Quote on them covering themselves
'vain covering if to hide/ Their guilt and dreaded shame'
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Another feature of nature's reaction
'high winds... shook sore'
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The final state of Adam and Eve
'Thus they in their mutual accusation spent the fruitless hours'
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Satan's quote on pleasures and torment
'The more I see pleasures about me, so much more I feel the torment within me'
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Satan's quote on destruction
'For only in destroying I find ease to my relentless thoughts'
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How does Satan arrive?
'wrapt in mist/ Of midnight vapour glide obscure'
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What intent does Satan bring?
'dark intent I bring'
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Who is Satan's revenge guided towards?
'Revenge .. aimed ... on him .. this new favourite of heaven, this man of clay'
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What's the best thing about women?
'For nothing lovelier can be found in woman, than to study household good and good works in her husband promote'
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Eve described as a flower
'Fairest unsupported flower, from her best prop so far, and storm so nigh'
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Stupidly good....
'of enmity disarmed'
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Satan convincing Eve, lots of questions used
'How should you? by the fruit? It gives you life to knowledge; by the threatener?'
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Quote on Satan gaining access to her heart
'Into her heart too easy entrance won'
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Eve's appetite
'waked an eaer appetite, raised by the smell so savoury of that fruit, which with desire.... solicited her longing eye'
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Description of Eve eating
'greedily she engorged without restraint and knew not eating death'
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The effect of the fruit on Eve
'opener mine eyes, dim erst, dilated spirits, ampler heart, and growing up to Godhead'
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2 words to describe Adam's reaction
'horror chill'
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What is Adam's resolution
'certain my resoltuion is to die' 'I with thee have fixed my lot'
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Fire quotations
'Carnal desire inflaming' 'In lust they burn' 'Eve, whose eye darted contagious fire'
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Eyes and minds quotation
'Their eyes how opened, and their minds how darkened'
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3 words to describe their act
'shamed, naked, miserable!'
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How did Adam fail?
'I also erred, in overmuch admirin what seemed in thee so perfect' 'worth in women overtrusting'
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Adam's response to Eve placing the blame on him
'Is this the love, is this the recompence of mine to thee, ingrateful Eve'
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Last line of the poem
'And of their vain contest appeared no end.'
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