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2. what is meant by divorce?

  • Not wanting to be with your partner anymore
  • breaking a relationship with God
  • The ending of a marriage
  • Breaking an legal document

3. What is meant by the term 'marriage'?

  • an illegal document
  • a sacrament involiving the joining of a man and a woman before God.
  • Joining of a man and a woman
  • where 2 people come together.

4. What is contraception?

  • for the pleasure for yourself/partner
  • stopping an innocent child
  • preventing a baby to be born
  • messing around with Gods gift to you

5. 1 role that a man might perform in Church

  • Sunday school teacher
  • Lay Preacher
  • a leader
  • Take charge of a affiliated group


Jess Blenkiron

been the head of the house

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