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2. Where would the participant sit in the row of confederates?

  • In the middle of the line
  • Last or second to last
  • At the beginning of the line
  • Last

3. In how many trials did the confederates give incorrect answers?

  • 12/18
  • 10/20
  • 14/17
  • 8/15

4. How did the study lack external validity?

  • Participants were deceived
  • The task was far too easy, perhaps allowing participants to realise they weren't actually being tested on their visual perception.
  • The set up was artificial and lacked mundane realism
  • The sample was unrepresentative

5. Who found that participants in an Asch-like study showed greatly raised levels of automatic arousal (linked to stress)?

  • Gamson et al (1982)
  • Moscovici (1969)
  • Bogdonoff et al (1961)
  • Spiers et al (2001)


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