Paper 2 - Research Methods Recap

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1. Choosing every 4th house on a street is an example of:

  • Opportunity sampling
  • Systematic sampling
  • Stratified sampling
  • Volunteer sampling
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2. Which is not a type of experimental design?

  • Participant design
  • Matched pairs
  • Repeated measures
  • Independent groups

3. If there were 6 male students in a psychology class of 20, the ratio would be 6:14 would be:

  • A cheek-to-cheek ratio
  • A part to whole ratio
  • A part-to-part ratio
  • A whole to part ratio

4. Which is not an alternative way of gaining consent?

  • Prior general consent
  • Retrospective consent
  • Affirmative consent
  • Presumptive consent

5. Which is an undisclosed participant observation?

  • Asch's conformity study
  • Bandura's bobo doll study
  • Rosenhans's pseudnpatient study
  • Milgram's obedience study


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