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2. When a respondent answers in a way that makes them look 'good', this is known as/

  • Response bias
  • Acquiescence bias
  • Social desirability bias
  • Observer bias

3. Which of these does not relate to observational techniques?

  • Complete vs partial
  • Controlled vs naturalistic
  • Disclosed vs undisclosed
  • Participant vs non-participant

4. Which is not a feature of random sampling?

  • Identify sub-groups/ strata within the population
  • Generate a sample using a lottery method
  • Obtain a complete list of the target population
  • Assign all the names on the list a number

5. What fraction of absences from work are caused by 'mild to moderate' mental disrders?

  • A Third
  • A fifth
  • Half
  • Quater


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