Paper 2 - Research Methods Recap

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1. 'An observation that takes place in the setting where the target behaviour would usually occur', best described?

  • Naturalistic observations
  • Disclosed observations
  • Non-participant observations
  • All observations
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2. To improve observations, pairs of researchers must establish:

  • Inter-observer reliability
  • Observer bias
  • Extra-sensory perseption
  • Inter-researcher validity

3. An effective experimental hypothesis should include:

  • A clearly operationalised EV
  • A clearly operationalised DV
  • A clearly operationalised co-variable
  • A clear aim

4. Which is not a strength of primary data?

  • It tends to have higher validity than secondary data
  • It is acquired first hand from the participants themselves
  • It requires less time and effort than secondary date
  • It can be designed to target the information that the researcher needs

5. Which would not be tested in a pilot study?

  • The hypothesis
  • The procedures
  • The standardised instructions
  • The materials to be used


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