Paper 1: Issues of love, marriage and divorce

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explain commitment
Being devoted to something or someone - keeping a promise
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explain responsibility
what you are expected to take care of
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explain reconcilition
making up with someone and starting together again
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explain conflict
disagreements and quarrels between people
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What kind of love is Storge?
Affection for things and animals - SENTIMENTAL LOVE
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What kind of love is Philia?
Love for family and friends - a stronger bond
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What kind of love is Eros?
Sexual love
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What kind of love is Agape?
Unconditional love
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What does chasity mean?
Not having sexual intercourse until after marriage
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What is Fornication?
Having sex before marriage
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1 reason why sex is only not forbidden within marriages?
The purpose of sex is to create children
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Explain the silver ring thing
taking a pledge to not have sex before marriage - wear a silver ring on wedding finger to show this
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what does Abstinence mean?
Saving sex for marriage
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Marriage is considered a sacrement, what is a sacrement?
A relationship in which God's presence is experienced
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What is adultery?
A married partner had sex with someone who they wre not married to
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2 religious reasons adultery is wrong for christians?
its forbidden in the ten commandments & Marriage is a sacrement
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2 religious reasons divorce is forbidden for roman catholics?
Breaking a promise to God (because of their vows) & marriage is a sacrement and cannot be dissolved
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4 situations when the church of england do allow second marriages
1- both partners meet the childrens needs 2- the marriage does not cause further hurt to children 3- the new relationship is not the cause of the first marriage split 4- there has been a long enough time between marriages
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What does a wedding ring resembe?
undending love - no beginning or end
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What does the priest wrap the couples hands together with and what does it represent?
Wraps their hands together in a Stole to show that God has joined the couple together
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What method of contraception can roman catholics use?
The rhythm method
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What is the rhythm method?
planning and only having sexual intercourse around the time when the female is least fertile acording to bodyily symptoms
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When is it not forbidden for a Muslim to have sex?
Within a marriage
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A muslim marriage is not a sacrement it is a..
legally and socially binding contract which has Allahs sanction
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Why are muslims expected to marry?
because the prophet muhammad did
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What is sex considered to be for a muslim
an act or worship
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What is Polygamy and is it allowed for muslims?
A man being married to more than one female - IS allowed
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Quote from the qur'an for muslims need to marry
"Allah created you for partners"
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What is a Mahr?
An amount of money agreed to be paid to the wife
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What happens to that money if the couple divorce?
She keeps it
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What is the ceremony called when signing the contract?
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What makes a muslim marriage legal if the Imam is not there?
2 male witnesses
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4 things Nikah (the ceremony) includes
Recitation of the Qur'an & Agreement to the Mahr & the exchange of vows & signing the contract
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Who signs the contract on the wifes behalf?
her male gurdian (eg her father)
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must the wife be present for the signing?
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What is adultery against for muslims?
Against the unity and peace of the Ummah
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what is the Ummah?
The community of muslims
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What did muhammad say about divorce?
"of all the things which are premitted, divorce is the most hated by Allah"
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What is Iddah?
3 months in which the couple stay together in the same house but not sleep together
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What must the husband do to declare divorce?
He must state before witnesses on 3 separate occassions that he wishes to divorce the wife
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What is expected of the family when a couple want to divorce?
They must try and help the couple reconcile
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What is cohabitation?
When partners live together in a sexual relationship but are not married
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2 next of kin rights..
They cannot make lie of death decisions & They cannot register their partners death
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What year was Civil Partnership introduced for gay couples?
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Islam does not allow homosexuality, 1 qur'an quote for this is..
"If two men aong you commit indecency, punish them both"
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What is the Hadith?
The sayings of muhammad
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Bible quote to show christans do not allow homosexuality..
"homosexual perverts or who steal - none of yoy shall possess the kingdom of God"
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