Paper 1: Issues of love, marriage and divorce

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Explain commitment
Being devoted to something or someone because you want to be / keeping a promise
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Explain responsibility
What you are expected to take care of
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Explain reconciliation
Making up and starting together again
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Explain conflict
Disagreements / clashes between relationships
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What kind of love is Storge
Sentimental love - things and animals
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What kind of love is Philia
Love of friends nd family - a stronger bond
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What kind of love is Eros
Sexual love
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What kind of love is Agape
Unconditional love - given freely
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What does Chasity mean?
Not having sexual intercourse until marrriage
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What does Fornication mean?
Sex before marriage (is forbidden)
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Bible quote for sex before marriage?
"God wants you to be holy and completely free from sexual immorality"
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What is the silver ring thing?
A pledge to abstain from sexual intercourse until they are married
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What does Abstinence mean?
Saving sex for marriage
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Marriage is considered a sacrament, what does this mean?
A relationship in which God's presence is experienced
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What is adultery?
When a married person has sex with someone else
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2 reasons adultery is forbidden for christians..
God's love is experienced through a marriage (sacrement) & thou shalt not commit adultery
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2 reasons Roman catholics do not think divorce is acceptable
Breaking the promises made to God before (vows) & Marriage is a sacrement that cannot be dissolved
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4 situations Roman Catholics will allow second marriages in
Both partners meet obligations to their partner and children from first marriage & second marriage doesnt hurt children more & new relationship was not the cause of the breakup of the first marriage & a good gap of time inbetween old marriage nd new
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Why does a christian marriage take place in a church?
Marriage is a sacrement with religious elements
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Giving of rings at a ceremony symbolises..
No end - unending love - circle without a begining or end
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The priest wraps their hands together in a Stole which represents..
God has joined them together
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