Paper 1: God, Life And Death

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Explain Awe
A sense of fear, being completely overwhelmed b a sense of God's presence
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Explain Revelation
The ways in which God reveals himself to people
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Explain Symbolism
A sign which has a particular meaning
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What is an Agnostic
A person who believes is it not possible to know whether God exists or not
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What is an Athiest
A person who does not believe God is real
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What is a Secular?
A person who is not religious or where religion has no power or influence
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Explain the Trinity
God is three in one, the father, the son and the holy spirit
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Chistians believe God is Omnipotent, what does this mean?
God is all powerful
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Chistians believe God is Omniscient, what does this mean?
God is all knowing
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Christians call Jesus, 'The Lord' this means..
He is equal to God his father & Ruler of the world & Guides human lives
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Christians also call Jesus 'Redeemer' this means..
He died to free people from their sins & He is the bringer of forgiveness & Brings eternal life
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Explain Tawhid
The unity of God, God is one
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How many names does Allah have in the Qur'ran? 2 Examples?
99- 'The protector' 'The wise'
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what is the cosmological argument?
Thomas Aquina, everything has a cause
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what is the argument from design?
William Paley, the world is so complex it must have had a designer, God
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what is the argument from experience
God exists because people have experienced him
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2 ways in which Christians experience God
By worship (bread and wine) & By miricles
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what is the Salah
Muslims praying (five times a day)
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How many times a day do muslims pray?
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2 ways in which Muslims experience God
Reading sacred texts in the Qur'ran & by prayer
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How old was Mother Teresa when she experienced God?
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What did God say to Mother Teresa? (Quote)
"Serve me amongst the poorest of the poor"
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The date in which /god spoke to Mother Teresa?
10th september 1946
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Where was Mother Teresa when God spoke to her?
On a train (to Darleeling)
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The name of Mother Teresa's charity
The Missionaires Of Charity
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What year did The Missionaires open their AIDS centre?
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Where do The Missionaires run their orphanage and hospice?
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What year was Mother Teresa awarded the nobel peace prize?
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What does the symbol of the cross mean for christians? 3 reasons..
Reminds Jesus came back from the dead and is alive & shows Jesus died on the cross for peope & Shows people Jesus loves them
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What happens on the day od judgement
Muslims are judged for all that they have done on Earth. Angels have recorded a persons deeds and beliefs
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What is paradise described as in the Qur'ran?
'A beautiful garden with rivers of milk and honey
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What is Akhirah?
Eternal life?
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In which direction should a Muslim be buried facing?
Towards Mecca
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What must a Muslim person be helped to say before death?
The shahadah - the declaration of faith
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What should be the last thing a Muslim hears?
The Adhan - the call to prayer
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What do men who went on the Hajj have draped over them?
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Who leads the prayers at the mosque and at the graveside?
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What are the prayers about?
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How soon should a Muslims funeral take place?
24 hours
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How should the Muslims body be buried?
In contact with the earth, with the right side and head facing Mecca
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Why can muslims not be cremated?
So that on the day of judgement the body can be borught back to life
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What is the Parousia for christians?
Day of judegement
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What happens on the day of judgement for christians?
They will either be sent heaven or hell
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Why do muslims believe in eternal life?
Jesus was ressurected and lived after death
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What is the main theme at a christian funeral?
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What is the coffin sprinkeld with?
Holy Water
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2 things a christian funeral includes
Hyms & prayers
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Why can christians be cremated or buried?
They believe only their soul will go to heaven
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What does the priest say to declare peoples sins are forgiven?
The absolution
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What is the creed?
The declaration of faith in Jesus and belief of his death and ressurection
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What is shared at a church to show love for one another?
Peace - "peace be with you"
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What is the Salah?
Praying five times a day
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What is Wudu?
Washing ritual before prayers
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What is Rakah?
The movements performed during prayers
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What do Muslims face during prayers?
The Kabah in Mecca
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What prayers do people attend on a friday at a mosque?
Jummah prayers
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What is the symbol of Islam?
Star and Crescent
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Why arent muslims allowed images of god or muhammad?
In fear of worhipping an image rather than god
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What does the crucifux remind Christians of?
Jesus' death and how he is with them in all their troubles
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Who wears the Vestments and why?
The preist, they show ceremonies are special and important
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What is the colver leaf a symbol of?
The trinity - God is one but three
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