Paper 1: exploring creation & our place in the world

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Explain creation?
Making something deliberately, for a purpose
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what is stewardship?
Looking after something that you do not own
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what is humanity?
compassion for others
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what is a soul
the part of human nature that is not physical
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What is it to have dominion?
Having control and power
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What is meant by Khalifah?
Muslims are to act as guardians of the planet
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What is meant by Fitrah?
Balance in the natural world
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What year was hunting for sport banned in Oman?
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What happened to the Arabian Oryx?
became extinct in the wild in 1972 and were bred in a zoo and were released in 1982
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What kind of meat can muslims eat?
Halal meat
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3 rules od halal killing
1- must be killed by one sharp cut of the throat 2- other animals must not hear them being killed 3- animal must be unconcious
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What did Chico Mendes work as?
A rubber tapper
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Where did Chico Mendes live?
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whar year did chico mendes try stop cattleranchers chopping down the brazil rainforest?
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how and when did chico mendes die?
shot by the son of a cattle rancher on his doorstep in 1988
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1 way chico mendes non-violently protested
10- human barricade
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What does it mean to be a Literal Christian
they believe that everything in the bible happened exactly how it happened - takes it literal
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what is intelligent design?
creation happened scientifically - god was only the designer
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what is non-literal christian ideas
do not take the bible word for word
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what is stewardship?


Looking after something that you do not own

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what is humanity?


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what is a soul


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What is it to have dominion?


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