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1. what does immediate gratification mean

  • pleasure now rather than sacrifices for later
  • a belief in fate
  • presents more important than the future
  • value being part of a group rather than succeeding as an individual
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2. which is an aspect of cultural deprivation

  • fear of debt
  • language
  • diet
  • housing

3. what is compensatory education

  • when teachers are given special training in order to eliminate labeling within schools
  • programs that aim to tackle cultural deprivation with extra resources for schools
  • more focus given to the education of girls in order to get them into gist
  • more education for black people

4. who is the sociologist for parnetal interest

  • sugarman
  • howard
  • douglas
  • feinstein

5. what did berstein say

  • speech codes - restricted=wc elaborated=mc
  • diet effects schooling
  • wc subcultures
  • cultural capital


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