P&C TB10 Lecture 1

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1. What evidence showed that colour perception was affected by top-down processes?

  • Participants added the exact amount to turn an image o banana grey
  • Participants overestimated the extent to turn a banana grey, and added significantly more blue
  • Static images induced activity in the motion area hMT
  • At the coarse level, there are little colour discrimination differences between cultures
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2. What explanation is there for the right visual field advantage in colour discrimination?

  • Language is processed in the left hemisphere
  • Colour is processed in the left hemisphere
  • Language is processed in the right hemisphere
  • Colour is processed in the right hemisphere

3. What are the 3 R's?

  • Run, rock, roll
  • Replacement, reduction, removal
  • Replacement, refinement, reduction
  • Refinement, reduction, recede

4. How would a Kuuk Thaayorre speaker learn a dance?

  • In relation to absolute terms
  • In relation to left and right
  • In relation to number
  • In relation to the sun

5. Patients were asked to imagine doing what, in order to determine patients with 'locked in syndrome'?

  • Dancing the waltz
  • Playing tennis
  • Running along a beach
  • Playing frisbee


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