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je peux
I can
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tu peux
you can
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il/elle/on peut
he/she/we can
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nous pouvons
we can
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vous pouvez
you can (plural)
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ils/elles peuvent
they can
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aller au concert
go to a concert
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faire du bowling
go bowling
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faire du roller
go roller skating
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faire du skate
go skateboarding
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faire du velo
go cycling
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faire une promenade en barque
go on a boat trip
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jouer au babyfoot et au flipper au cafe
play table football and pinball at the cafe
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manger au restaurant
eat at a restaurant
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visiter les jardins/ les monuments/ les musees
visit gardens/ monuments/ museums
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Card 2


tu peux


you can

Card 3


il/elle/on peut


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Card 4


nous pouvons


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Card 5


vous pouvez


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