page 106 - 107 (what are your dreams?)

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je voudrais aller...
I'd like to go...
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a Paris
to Paris
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en Australie
to Australia
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au Canada
to Canada
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aux Etats-Unis
to the USA
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je voudrais...
I'd like...
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etre footballeur professionnel
to be a professional football player (masc.)
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etre danseuse professionnelle
to be a professional dancer (fem.)
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habiter dans une grande maison
to live in a big house
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avoir une voiture tres cool
to have a really cool car
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faire le tour du monde
to travel around the world
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rencontrer mon acteur/ mon actrice prefere(e)
to meet my favourite actor/actress
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Card 2


a Paris


to Paris

Card 3


en Australie


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Card 4


au Canada


Preview of the front of card 4

Card 5


aux Etats-Unis


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