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j'ai faim et j'ai soif
I'm hungry and I'm thirsty
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Vous desirez?
What would you like?
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Je voudrais...
I'd like...
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un cafe
a black coffee
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un cafe-creme
a white coffee
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un the (au lait/au citron)
a tea (with milk/with lemon)
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un chocolat chaud
a hot chocolate
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un coca
a coke
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un jus d'orange
an orange juice
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un Orangina
an Orangina
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une limonade
a lemonade
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un sandwhich au fromage
a cheese sandwich
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un sandwhich au jambon
a ham sandwich
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un croquemonsieur
a toasted ham and cheese sandwich
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une crepe
a pancake
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une glace (a la vanille/ a la fraise/ au chocolat)
a (vanilla/ strawberry/ chocolate) ice-cream
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Card 2


Vous desirez?


What would you like?

Card 3


Je voudrais...


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Card 4


un cafe


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Card 5


un cafe-creme


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