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1. Where do polar orbits orbit and how long does it take?

  • Above the poles + 90 minutes
  • Above the equator + 24 hours
  • Above the equator + 90 minutes
  • Above the poles + 24 hours
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2. If a ball is thrown horizontally what force is not present?

  • Gravity
  • Air resistance
  • Horizontal force
  • Vertical force

3. Why is the orbit time less for a planet close to the sun?

  • The centripetal force is large
  • Travels a longer distance+small gravitational force
  • Travels a shorter distance+travels faster because of a greater gravitational force
  • It accelerates

4. Which of these is incorrect about action and reaction forces?

  • Act on different objects
  • Same in direction
  • Opposite in direction
  • Equal in magnitude (size)

5. What happens to momentum in a collision?

  • It is gained
  • It is transeffred
  • It is conserved
  • It is lost


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