P3- Sustainable Energy

Ocr 21st century

Module P3

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1. Why aren't renweable energy sources used alot?

  • They don't produce as much eletricity as non-renewable energy sources
  • They produce too much energy
  • They increase pollution more than non-renweable sources
  • They are more dangerous
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2. Nuclear power stations don't produce CO2 emissions, so why are they used less than fossil fuels?

  • They're are very dangerous and could cause cancer and death if not controlled properly.
  • They don't produce as much power

3. What is a sankey diagram?

  • A diagram showing the use of energy
  • A diagram showing amount of CO2 released by power stations

4. Is electricity a primary or secondary energy source?

  • Neither
  • Secondary energy source
  • Primary energy source

5. What main gas does fossil fuels release when burnt?

  • Methane
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Oxygen


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