P3- Sustainable Energy

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What is the formula that calculates electrical power?
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Calculate the cost of using a 5W energy-saving bulb for 3 hours if on kWh costs 10p
0.005kWx3h=0.015kWh 0.015x10p=0.15p
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How much energy is transferred by a 2.5 kw kettle left on for 5 minutes?
Convert to watts and seconds - 2500Wx 300s=750 000 J
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What is meant by the power of an appliance?
The amount of current drawn from the supply. This means an appliance with a high power will draw a large current from the supply.
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What is meant by energy efficiency?
When the appliance doesn't waste much energy. 100% efficient energy is used to its full potential for the purpose
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An ordinary light bulb is 5% efficient. If 1000J of light energy is given out, how much energy is wasted?
Efficiency = Useful/Total x 100% Total=Useful/Efficiency Total = 1000J/0.05=20 000J Energy wasted=20 000 - 1000 = 19000J
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What do Sankey Diagrams show?
How energy efficient an appliance is in diagram format using to scale arrows.
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How can we save energy in our homes?
less heat loss - insulation, cavity walls, triple glazing, draught proofing. Energy efficient appliances, energy saving bulbs, switching things off, turn the heating down, do things at lower temperatures
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What are the three things you need to generate electricity?
Copper coil, magnet, motion(spinning)
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How does a Thermal power station work?
Fossil fuels are burnt to heat up water which turns to steam which turns the generator which generates electricty. The water is then sent to a cooling tower to turn from steam to liquid then can be heated again and again
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What are renewable energy sources? Give examples
Renewable energy sourcess will never run out and don't damage the environment as much as non-renewable. However they can be unreliable and have high costs. eg Wind, Solar, Tidal, Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Biofuels
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What are the three types of fossil fuels?
Coal, gas and oil
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What are non-renewable energy sources?
Eventually these sources will run out, and they all damage the environmnet. They currently provide most of our electrical energy. eg fossil fuels and nuclear.
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What gas is released into the air when fossil fuels are burnt in power stations? What effect does this have on the environment?
Carbon Dioxide, it contribues to global warming and climate change
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels?
a-produce a lot of energy,cheaper than renewables, don't rely on the weather,no new technology d-carbon dioxide - gloabl warming,imported from other countries, sulfer dioxide which can cause acid rain
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What reaction happens in uranium to produce the energy in a nuclear power station?
Nuclear Fission
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What are the advantages of nuclear power station?
Release more energy than chemical reactions, doesn't produce carbon dioxide unlike other non-renewable energy sources, nuclear fuel is relativly cheap
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What are the disadvantages of nuclear power stations?
produce radioactive waste which is ionising radiation and stays radioactive for a very time. irradiation, contamination. Need extra safety precautions eg buried deep underwater and underground, cost of nuclear power stations is very high.
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What are the advanatges and disdvantages of wind power?
a- renewable source,no permanent damage d - It takes around 1500 wind turbines to replace one coal power station, take up land, ruin scenery, noisy, rely on the weather, initial costs are high
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Are solar cells normally uses on a small or large scale?
Small - watches,caculators, one house. However, they can be on solar farms for a larger scae example. They are very expensive so, and rely on sun, not clouds so only work during the day.
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What are the advanatges aand disadvanatages of tidal power?
a - renewable, no pollution, no fuel costs d-hazard to boats, initial costs are high, spoil the view.
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What are biofuels?
Waste plants are burned in a thermal power station and are said to be carbon neutral.
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What is geothermal power?
Hot rocks underground heat water that is pumped down underground which then rises back up to generate power as it would in a thermal power station.
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Why doesn't the UK rely on renewable energy resources?
We need a mix of energy resources or the Uk's growing demand for electricity. Renewable energy source don't provide the same amount of energy output as fossil fuel power stations, and their initails costs are high. renewable energy sources - variable
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What is electromagnetic induction?
Move a magnet in or round a coil wire to generate electrcity.
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What is the national grid?
Network of pylons, cables, and transformers that cover the hole of Britain to provide elelctrical energy to consumers.
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What voltage is the mains supply in our homes?
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What does a step up transformer do? Why?
Increases the volatge and decreases the current so no heat is lost in the travelling.
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What is the power (inKw) of a pair of straighteners using a voltage of 230v and a current of 5A?
Power=voltagexcurrent, so power = 230v x 5A = 1150W = 1.15kW
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How many watts is a kilowatt?
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Name two sources of energy that power trbines directly without the use of steam?
Solar, Tidal, Hydroelectric
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Describe the main features of a nuclear power stations
Uranium rods, steam, generator, cooling tower, cooling rods
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Calculate the cost of using a 5W energy-saving bulb for 3 hours if on kWh costs 10p


0.005kWx3h=0.015kWh 0.015x10p=0.15p

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How much energy is transferred by a 2.5 kw kettle left on for 5 minutes?


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What is meant by the power of an appliance?


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What is meant by energy efficiency?


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