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What tells you about the speed of an object on a distance-time graph?
The gradient
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What does a higher speed mean?
A steeper gradient
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If the gradient is constant, what is the speed?
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What does a straight line indicate?
A constant speed
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What does a curved line indicate?
The speed changes
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What is acceleration?
A change of speed
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What does a negative acceleration show?
That the car is decelerating
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What is velocity, and what does it have?
It is a vector, and has both speed (size) and direction
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What is their relative velocity if two cars move past eachother?
The sum of their velocities if they are goin in diferent directions, or the difference between them if they are going in the same direction?
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Why are cars still accelerating when they go around roundabouts when they speed isn't changing?
Because the direction of travel is changing
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What can increase reaction times?
Being tired, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, travelling faster, and a lack of concentration.
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What can increase the braking distance?
Road conditions, worn brakes, and driving at a faster speed
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What factors can affect braking distance?
The car having a greater mass, the speed, the brakes not creating enough friction, and worn tires that have no grip.
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What is weight a measurment of?
The gravitational attraction between the body and the centre of the earth
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How much in newtons does 1KG of mass weigh on earth?
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What is power?
The rate at which work is done
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What happens when a car stops?
its kinetic energy changes into heat in the brakes, tyres and the road
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What factors affect fuel consumption?
The amount of energy required to increase its kinteic energy, its speed, how it is driven, and road conditions
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Name two ways electric cars are powered
By battery or solar powered
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What are the disadvantages of an electric car?
The battery takes up a lot of room, they have a limited drive time, they are expensice to buy, and solar powered rely on the sun.
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What are the advantages of an electric car?
The cost to recharge is low, they do not pollute or cause any carbon dioxide pollution
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How can force be reduced by reducing the acceleration?
By increasing the stopping or collision time and distance
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What aftey features do modern cars have?
Brakes that get hot, crumple zones, airbags, and seatbelts
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Why do some people not like seatbelts?
Because it can cause a chest injury, or they may become trapped in a fire
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What does the size of air resistance depend on, on a falling force?
Its speed, and cross-sectional area.
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What does an object held above the ground have?
Gravitational potential energy
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What does energy transfer into on a bouncy ball?
It transfers potential energy into kinetic, and back again
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Why doesen't the ball bounce to the same height each time?
Because some of the energy is transferred each time
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What happens to kinetic energy if the speed doubles?
The kinetic energy quadrouples
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What happens is the mass doubles?
The kinetic energy doubles
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What does a higher speed mean?


A steeper gradient

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If the gradient is constant, what is the speed?


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What does a straight line indicate?


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What does a curved line indicate?


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