P2 Physics test

A test of knowledge for physics GCSE.

  1. What is the equation for Kinetic energy?

  2. In 1943 einsteins Theory of Relativity was proved with the first atomic bomb

  3. Nucleur Fission is the process of splitting atomic nuclei

  4. What is Half Life?

  5. Carbon dating is highly accurate and dependable

  6. Nucleur Fission can turn into an uncontrolled chain reaction and form an atomic bomb

  7. Which part of a nucleur reactor transforms Kinetic energy to electricity?

  8. Nucleur Fusion requires...?

  9. In Fusion 2 isotopes of hydrogen; deuterium & tritium fuse to form...?

  10. If I rub a perspex rod with cloth it will...

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Fri 6th January, 2012 @ 14:54

Question 9 is difficult to understand what your asking.

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