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Fail to prepare is Prepare to FAIL.

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1. How are we able to see the stars? How are we able to see planets?

  • The naked eye. And also through telescopes.
  • we aren't.
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2. Give 3 ways to protect yourself from UV rays.

  • clothes.Li
  • Protective clothing, Hats and sunscreen.
  • Sun glasses.

3. Give an example of a transverse wave.

  • An example of a transwerse wave would be Light and all other EM waves.
  • Sound
  • Ultrasound.

4. Do galaxies further away have more or less red-shift than those nearer?

  • Galaxies further away have more red shift
  • Galaxies further away have less red shift

5. What are the two stages of a small star's life?

  • Neutron Star
  • Planetary nebula and a white dwarf
  • Super nova



It's a great resource for Edexcel students but it doesn't cover everything.

Miss KHP

Great topics covered under this Q&A's. Easy to read and memorable answers. The timers good as exam prep. Great source! 

Good for Edexcel as well as other exam boards including Core Science GCSE AQA.


i got 95 % on the quiz! :P


this ****

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