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Fail to prepare is Prepare to FAIL.

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1. Do galaxies further away have more or less red-shift than those nearer?

  • Galaxies further away have more red shift
  • Galaxies further away have less red shift
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2. What happens to a light ray as it travels from air into water at an angle?

  • The light ray is refracted when entering the water therefore changing the direction.
  • The light ray is reflected.
  • The light ray bends

3. Explain why some people are worried about the effects of using a mobile phone.

  • Radiation exposion
  • I don't know.

4. Describe the main features of the Geocentric Model

  • Nicolous Copernicus
  • Ptolomy, Earth was in the centre, and everything orbitied the earth including the sun and all of the other planets. The earth was stationary. Moon, Sun, Planets and stars moved around the earth in circular orbits.
  • Sun was in the centre. Planets moved around the sun in a circular motion.

5. Give 3 ways to protect yourself from UV rays.

  • Protective clothing, Hats and sunscreen.
  • Sun glasses.
  • clothes.Li




It's a great resource for Edexcel students but it doesn't cover everything.

Miss KHP


Great topics covered under this Q&A's. Easy to read and memorable answers. The timers good as exam prep. Great source! 

Good for Edexcel as well as other exam boards including Core Science GCSE AQA.



i got 95 % on the quiz! :P



this ****




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