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1. What happens after that?

  • The hydrogen in the core begins to run out and the star swells into a red giant (it becomes red because the surface cools)
  • Expands and kills life on earth
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2. What are the two stages of a small star's life?

  • Planetary nebula and a white dwarf
  • Super nova
  • Neutron Star

3. What happens to a light ray as it travels from air into water at an angle?

  • The light ray bends
  • The light ray is refracted when entering the water therefore changing the direction.
  • The light ray is reflected.

4. Which type of Electromagnetic radiation has the highest frequency

  • Gamma rays
  • Radiowaves

5. Explain what redshift is

  • When the light is shifted towards the red end of the spectrum
  • When light is shifted




It's a great resource for Edexcel students but it doesn't cover everything.

Miss KHP


Great topics covered under this Q&A's. Easy to read and memorable answers. The timers good as exam prep. Great source! 

Good for Edexcel as well as other exam boards including Core Science GCSE AQA.



i got 95 % on the quiz! :P



this ****




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