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Renewable energy (6)
wind , solar,wave,tidal,hydroelectric,geothermal
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non-renewable energy (4)
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payback time
the time it takes you to have saved enough money on your energy bill to counter the cost of the purchase.
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why do we need to pay for electricity ?
because it is made from fossil fuels which cost a lot of money to burn. companies need to make a profit.
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calculation of power
power=energy/time taken
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definition of power
how much energy is transferred to an electrical device in a given time.
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The green house effect
gases in the atmosphere, such as water vapor methane and carbon dioxide, trap infrared radiation from the earth.This makes the earth warmer than it would be if it had no atmosphere,
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energy from the sun (facts)
the sun emits all types of electromagnetic radiation. The earths atmosphere blocks harmful radiation but doesn't block radiation from the sun.
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the electromagnetic spectrum (facts)
electromagnetic waves are waves that travel through space. radio waves,microwaves,infrared, ultraviolet rays , x-rays and viable light are all examples.
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infrared radiation (facts)
infrared cameras allow us to see animals and objects in the dark.you can used a thermometer and a blackened bulb to detect infrared radiation
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conservation of energy
conservation of energy is a rule.it is the process of which things move and the force/energy acting on it.It can never be used up only transferred.
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Energy types (9)
electrical, light,sound,heat/thermal,kinetic,chemical,gravitational potential,strain and nuclear
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ways of insulating homes (7)
cavity walls,thick carpet,energy meter stick,keeping windows shut,double glazing,loft insulation,underlay
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this shows how well a material acts as an insulator. a low u-valve means that it is more difficult for energy to flow through a material.
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conduction happens in a soild.the process by which heat or electricity is directly transmitted through the material of a substance when there is a difference of temperature or of electrical potential between adjoining regions.
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solid particles
solid particles are tightly packed together.The particles closed to the heat vibrate more than particles further away.
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thermal radiation
thermal radiation is heat energy that is given off by all objects. hotter ,larger objects give off more thermal radiation than smaller cooler ones.
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thermal absorption (facts)
black is the best thermal absorber of radiation.silver surfaces are bad emitters of thermal raditaion
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when a liquid is heated the particles vibrate and spread out turning a liquid into a gas.
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condensing: when a gas is cooled the particles slow down and get closer together, turning a gas into a liquid.
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convection is a type of heat transfer that occurs in fluids. a fluid is a liquid or a gas.
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non renewable definition
something that cant be used again
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renewable definition
a continuous supply. it is constantly being replaced.
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advantages of wind turbines
produces a lot of energy, produces no green house gases, looks nice, doesn't take up too much room.
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advantages of hydroelectric power
renewable energy source,does not need fuel,can be stopped and started very quickly,doesn't emit carbon dioxide
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disadvantages of hydroelectric power
building a dam can disrupt the aquatic life,requires a lot of land, very expensive to build
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where is the best place for geothermal energy?
where the fault line is
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where is the best place for a hydroelectric power station?
in hilly areas
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where is the best place for solar panels?
near the equator where it is sunny
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where is the best place for a tidal power station?
on the coast
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where is the best place for a wave generator?
far out in the sea
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where is the best place for wind turbines?
where it is windy.
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disadvantages of solar panel farms
cost a lot of money,takes up a lot of space, cost for security and people to work,need nice weather,it would have a negative affect on the enviroment
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advantages of soar panel farms
produce a lot of energy,eventually will make money back,energy efficient,creates jobs
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process of geothermal energy
cold water is pumped down Bohr holes and only hot rock. this produces steam and hot water that spins a generator and produces electricity.The steam is cooled in a cooling tower and reused.
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step up transformer
used to increase the voltage
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step down tranformer
decrease the voltage
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high voltage lines transfer the electricity to a substation where electricity goes through a step down tranfoermer.
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non-renewable energy (4)

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the time it takes you to have saved enough money on your energy bill to counter the cost of the purchase.


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because it is made from fossil fuels which cost a lot of money to burn. companies need to make a profit.


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power=energy/time taken


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