Orientation and Study Skills

Year one orientation and study skills exam:

  • Geography handbook
  • Studying effectively
  • Academic infoverse
  • Academic literature
  • Geography and geographers
  • Timelines and Ancient Geography
  • Exploration and Empire 
  • On Truth and Maps
  • Radical Geography
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1. Which is not a feature of a discipline of synthesis?

  • A Jack of all trades and a master of none
  • Unique
  • Affiliations with other standalone disciplines
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2. Which is not a feature of note taking for reading?

  • Take passive notes
  • Used for lectures, assignments, presentations and exams
  • Can be linear, diagrammatic and pattern notes
  • Make them brief, own words, pics, memorable and filed

3. What statement is incorrect about the order of going beyond tuition in order to achieve a 2:1?

  • 3) Depth and breadth
  • 5) Best material
  • 5) Unbiased, perceptive treatment
  • 1) Professional, writing, referencing and presentation
  • 2) Critical evaluation

4. What word is used to show that Geography is everywhere and everything?

  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Ubiquitous
  • Jack of all trade
  • Ambiguous

5. Which is not a feature of Space I?

  • Hartshorne’s ‘space’ was abstract whereby physical space was superseded by mathematic space
  • The theme of space which incorporates both human and physical phenomena
  • The organisation of processes/phenomena across space (a Kantian stance)
  • Understandings of space have altered and bifurcated along with the incorporation of different philosophers and philosophies into the discipline


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