Orientation and Study Skills

Year one orientation and study skills exam:

  • Geography handbook
  • Studying effectively
  • Academic infoverse
  • Academic literature
  • Geography and geographers
  • Timelines and Ancient Geography
  • Exploration and Empire 
  • On Truth and Maps
  • Radical Geography
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1. Where can you make a renewal? But not a short loan or overnight

  • Desk
  • On the telephone
  • Self service
  • Web
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2. Which statement is incorrect about Odysessy?

  • Odysseus’ twenty year journey home to Ithaca after the fall of Troy
  • Full of gods, monsters and impossible happenings…
  • 12,110 lines

3. Which is not a feature of the Oxford Motor Industry Research Programme (OMIRP)?

  • 1993 The Factory and the City co-edited by David Harvey
  • 1973 The Fordson Car helping rural communities
  • 1988 Campaign to prevent closure

4. Who created the poems of the world maps, Iliad and Odyssey?

  • Ptoloemy
  • Homer
  • Plate
  • Strabo

5. Who created that quote that the first thing to do was make a grand survey of the country Alice was going to travel through?

  • Carroll 1872
  • Roberts 1543
  • Gilbert 1678
  • Smith 1325


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