Orientation and Study Skills

Year one orientation and study skills exam:

  • Geography handbook
  • Studying effectively
  • Academic infoverse
  • Academic literature
  • Geography and geographers
  • Timelines and Ancient Geography
  • Exploration and Empire 
  • On Truth and Maps
  • Radical Geography
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1. What does the marking criteria not include?

  • Honours I & II
  • Examinations
  • Part II dissertations
  • Coursework
  • Part I & II presentations/posters
  • Level of wide reading
  • Part I & II examinations
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2. What should not be included in preparing and writing coursework?

  • Information content
  • Presentation
  • Relevance of information
  • Logical development, structure and clarity
  • References and a bibliography
  • Own ideas/theories developed from authors
  • Analysis and criticism

3. Which statement is incorrect about the T-O map?

  • A ideal map of the universe
  • Made in 7th Century
  • 500-1000 years after Ptolemy

4. What is a journal?

  • An academic magazine, published periodically and containing research articles written by academics and other researchers
  • An academic article that contains research facts and figures
  • An academic piece of writing that has been peer reviewed

5. What does not constitutes Geography as a subject today?

  • Philosophies
  • Exploration
  • Approaches
  • Competing ideas
  • Techniques


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