Orientation and Study Skills

Year one orientation and study skills exam:

  • Geography handbook
  • Studying effectively
  • Academic infoverse
  • Academic literature
  • Geography and geographers
  • Timelines and Ancient Geography
  • Exploration and Empire 
  • On Truth and Maps
  • Radical Geography
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1. Which is not a quote said by Odell Shepard, 1930?

  • Facts are seen to be of little worth to the moral truths which are more significant
  • They were a long way away from Alexandria
  • Aristotles objective ideas carried through to Christian thought
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2. Which statement is not one of William Bunge's Expeditions?

  • Later to Toronto and Vancouver
  • 1970 Expedition to The Soviet Union
  • It is a geography that tends to shock because it includes the full range of human experience on the earth's surface. (Democratic expedition)
  • Expedition to Fitzgerald (‘6 miles but half way round the world’)
  • 1968: The Society for Human Exploration

3. Which statement is incorrect about what geography is?

  • Phenomena that applies to physical and human
  • Comes from the spanish yewypapia (geographia)
  • Recognises that all phenomena are spatial and historical
  • Translates as earth (geo) writing (graphia)

4. What does not constitutes Geography as a subject today?

  • Exploration
  • Techniques
  • Approaches
  • Competing ideas
  • Philosophies

5. What constitutes a low second?

  • 55-58
  • 52-58
  • 50-60


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