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2. Alkene to diol

  • Na2CrO2 in dilute acid, r.t.p
  • KMnO4 in alkali,r.t.p
  • Na2CrO2 in alkali, r.t.p
  • KMNO4 in dilute acid, r.t.p

3. halogenoalkane to nitrile

  • NH3 in ethanol, heat under reflux
  • NH3 in dilute acid, heat under reflux
  • KCN in ethanol, heat under reflx
  • KCN in dilute acid, heat under reflux

4. CA to sodium carboxylate salt

  • Na2CO3 (aq), r.t.p
  • Na2CO3 in dry ether, r.t.p
  • Na2CO3 in ethanol solution, r.t.p
  • Na2CO3 in alkali, r.t.p

5. Alkene to dihalogenoalkane

  • X2, platinum catalyst
  • X2, r.t.p
  • X2, heat
  • X2, UV light


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