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2. Alkane to CO2+H2O+Energy

  • O2, ignition, r.t.p
  • O2, heat
  • O2, heat under reflux
  • O2, ignition

3. halogenalkane to alkene

  • NaOH in ethanol solution, boil under reflux
  • NaOH in aqueous soution, boil under reflux
  • NaOH in ethanol solution, r.t.p.
  • NAOH in aqueous solution, r.t.p

4. excess conc. H2SO4, 170 degrees

  • alcohol to alkene
  • alkane to alcohol
  • alkene to alcohol
  • alcohol to alkane

5. alcohol to ketone

  • Na2CrO4, H2SO4, heat under reflux
  • Na2Cr2O7, H2SO4, heat under reflux
  • Na2Cr2O4, H2SO4, heat under reflux
  • Na2CrO7,H2SO4, heat under reflux


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