Organic reactions

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1. halogenalkane to alkene

  • NAOH in aqueous solution, r.t.p
  • NaOH in ethanol solution, boil under reflux
  • NaOH in ethanol solution, r.t.p.
  • NaOH in aqueous soution, boil under reflux
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2. test for C=O carbonyl bond?

  • 2,4-DNP,
  • 2,4-DNP, in alkali

3. Ketone/aldehyde/CA to alcohol

  • LiAlH4, in dilute acid, heat under relfux
  • LiAlH4, in alkali, heat under reflux
  • LiAlH4 in dry ether, heat under reflux
  • LiAlH4 in dry ester, heat under reflux

4. alkene to alcohol

  • phosphoric acid catalyst, steam, 60-70atm, 350 degrees
  • sodium dichromate (VI) ,60-70atm, 350 degrees
  • KMnO4, 60-70atm, 350 degrees
  • organic peroxide catalyst,steam, 60-70atm, 350 degrees

5. Iodoform test?

  • Iodine in NaOH, warm
  • Iodine in dilute acid, warm
  • iodine in NaOH, r.t.p
  • iodine in dilute acid, r.t.p


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