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2. What are the conditions for a coupling reaction?

  • KOH catalyst and methanol
  • aqueous alkaline conditions
  • concentrated NaOH catalyst
  • aqueous acidic conditions

3. What are the reaction conditions for alkaline hydrolysis?

  • tin and conc HCl
  • hot aqueous HCl and reflux
  • hot aqueous NaOH and reflux
  • hot water and reflux

4. How would you carry out a test to distinguish a carboxylic acid from a ketone?

  • Add solid carbonate - fizzing as CO2 given off = aldehyde/ketone
  • Oxidise with K2Cr2O7/H2SO4 - colour change = carboxylic acid
  • React with 2,4-DNPH, orange precipitate = aldehyde/ketone
  • Heat gently with tollens reagent, silver mirror = carboxylic acid

5. What are the reaction conditions and reagents for esterification using acid anhydrides?

  • concentrated HCl, heat gently
  • concentrated H2SO4, heat under reflux
  • RTP
  • concentrated HCl and tin


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