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2. Why did some oppose ERA?

  • Because it would require women to serve in combat and they thought it would have a bad influence on family life.
  • Because they didn't like the idea of equality.
  • Because they thought equality would require them to do more work.

3. Some women opposed the women's movement because they were anti-abortion. True or False?

  • True
  • False

4. Phyllis Schlafly was the most influential opponent. She was an author and had been active in politics. She had worked as a researcher for several US politicians and had stood for Congress on several occasions between ...

  • 1952 and 1970.
  • 1962 and 1970.
  • 1950 and 1968.
  • 1954 and 1969.

5. When was the ERA proposed by NOW?

  • 1967
  • 1968
  • 1966
  • 1965


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