Opposition the Tsarist regime 1881-1904

A quiz on the different political parties

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1. In 1903 which 2 parties did the Social Democrats split into?

  • The SR and the Bolsheviks
  • The Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks
  • There wasn't a split
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2. From who did the SR reciever the most support?

  • The peasantry
  • The workers
  • The nobility

3. What was the main policy of the Social Revolutionaries?

  • To redistribute land amongst peasants
  • To allow all citizens equality and civil rights
  • To support trade unions

4. What was one KEY difference between the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks?

  • The Mensheviks believed they needed 2 seperate revolutions to reach communism but the Bolsheviks beileved that 1 revolution was enough
  • Bolsheviks wanted to have a communist state whereas the Mensheviks wanted a capitalist state

5. From which groups did the Liberals recieve most support?

  • The professionals and the industrialists
  • The peasants


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