Opposition to the New Deal - The Thunder of The Left

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1. What did Huey write?

  • Winning the Public, My Presidential Story
  • How I Became President
  • My First Day In The Whitehouse
  • President: Why It's Amazing
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2. Who was the radio priest?

  • Huey 'Kingfisher' Long
  • Father Coughlin
  • Dr Francis Townsend

3. What was Dr Francis Townsend plan?

  • Old Age Revolution Plan
  • Old Age Revolving Act
  • Old Age Revolving Plan
  • Pensioner Revolving Plan

4. What was the radio preits show called?

  • Golden hour of the little bush
  • Golden hour of the little flower
  • Golden time of the little flower
  • Sunshine hour of the little flower

5. What did the New Deal callled by the radio preist?

  • Christ's deal
  • God's deal
  • The holy trinity's deal


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