Operation of the Neuromuscular Junction

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1. These adaptations (in slow twitch) help to maintain aerobic respiration in the tissue, making slow twitch fibres very slow to fatigue, however, ATP generation is slower than in fast twitch fibres therefore

  • The contractions of slow twitch fibres are weaker
  • the contractions of slow twitch fibres are stronger
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2. What is the main difference in the length of contraction between atrial and ventricular contraction compared with involuntary (skeletal)

  • The atrial and ventricular muscle contract for longer
  • The atrial and ventricular contract for shorter

3. The location of this muscle is in the iris of the eye, it dilates the pupils when it contracts

  • Involuntary (smooth)
  • Voluntary (skeketal or striated)
  • Cardiac

4. Where is the highest proportion of specialised excitatory fibres?

  • At the sino atrial node
  • Toes

5. Step 2 (Operation of the Neuromuscular Junction)

  • The increased concentration of Ca2+ in the cell stimulates the vesicles which contain the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, these move towards the pre synaptic membrane and fuse with it
  • ATP arriving at motor neurone causes calcium channels to open, Ca2+ ions flood into the cell


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