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2. Smooth muscle is slow to fatigue and is controlled by the

  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Somatic nervous system

3. There are three types of muscle

  • Involuntary (smooth), cardiac, voluntary (striated/skeletal)
  • Voluntary, involuntary
  • Ca2+ binds to proteins in the muscle, which leads to contraction. Acetylcholine is recycled by acetylcholineesterase so that contraction only occurs when impulsed arrive continuously

4. The location of this muscle is in the walls of the intestine, when it contracts this is known as peristalsis

  • Voluntary
  • Involuntary (smooth) muscle
  • Cardiac

5. Examples of this type of muscle include peristalsis in the walls of the intestine and contraction of muscle to narrow arteries

  • Involuntary (smooth) muscle
  • Actin and myosin
  • Cardiac


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