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2. This type of muscle is found in the heart and is striated

  • Voluntary
  • Cardiac
  • Involuntary

3. What is the main difference in the length of contraction between atrial and ventricular contraction compared with involuntary (skeletal)

  • The atrial and ventricular muscle contract for longer
  • The atrial and ventricular contract for shorter

4. Step 2 (Operation of the Neuromuscular Junction)

  • The increased concentration of Ca2+ in the cell stimulates the vesicles which contain the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, these move towards the pre synaptic membrane and fuse with it
  • ATP arriving at motor neurone causes calcium channels to open, Ca2+ ions flood into the cell

5. Muscle cells in this type of muscle are said to be spindle shaped

  • Involuntary (smooth)
  • Voluntary
  • Cardiac


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