Operation of the Neuromuscular Junction

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1. Slow twitch muscle fibres in skeletal muscle are used during endurance activities because they contract slowly and can work for long periods of time, they have a large number of

  • Mitochondria, a high concentration of myoglobin (basically haemoglobin) and an excellent blood supply (so sometimes called red fibres)
  • Sarcomeres and mesosomes
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2. What are the three types of cardiac muscle

  • Atrial, Ventricular, specialised excitatory and conductive muscle fibres
  • Actin and myosin

3. The location of this muscle is in the walls of the intestine, when it contracts this is known as peristalsis

  • Involuntary (smooth) muscle
  • Cardiac
  • Voluntary

4. The cytoplasm of a muscle cell is called the

  • The part of the atrioventricular node that carry electrical impulses
  • Sarcoplasm
  • Ions

5. How to electrical impulses travel between the atria and the ventricles

  • Via the atrioventricular node
  • Via apex


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