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What is an online service?
An online service is a facility that users access across the Internet that allows users to exchange data and interact with others.
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What is a real time service?
A service that is ‘live’ updated as it happens
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What are examples of a real time service?
News, Weather, Rail Time Table
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Give a method of Online Communication…
Email, Instant messaging, news groups, social networks, blogs, online conferencing
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Video Conferencing, Collaborative working and Business networks are types of what online service?
Business Service
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What does VLE stand for?
Virtual Learning Environment
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What is a disadvantage of a VLE?
Lack of access, such as no internet or computer by teacher
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What type of service allows you to store your documents online?
Cloud Storage
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What is an entertainment service?
A service that involves using the Internet for leisure or fun, e.g Online gaming, Catch Up TV, film streaming
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Why might someone download software rather than purchase it on a shop?
Quicker, the user doesn’t have to leave their house. It can be scheduled to download on release The software is likely to be the most recent and up to date version. Its cheaper than buying in a shop as no extra costs are needed.
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What is online advertising?
It’s used to promote a service or product, by capturing and holding the users attention.
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Pop ups, banners and promoted search results are all examples of….
Online Advertising
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Facebook makes money through advertising, what is the name of this model?
Affiliate model or Pay Per Click, this where the website (Facebook) gets paid every time the advert is clicked on the webpage
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Why might a business use an affiliate model?
They can place their adverts on popular sites with a large amount of users to potentially get more custom.
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What are sponsored links?
This is when a company pays money to a search engine for their websites to appear at the top of search results when they are searched.
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What is a disadvantage of using a Pop Up or advertising banner?
Users find these annoying and often close down the pop up or ignore them. Also many browsers may block pop ups.
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What is file compression?
File compression makes files smaller so they take up less space on the computer’s memory.
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How is a file compressed?
Files are compressed using an algorithm, one file can be compressed or many files in to one.
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What is another name for file compression?
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Compressed files can have the extensions .zip, .rar, .7z, and .dmg, what does this mean
It shows which algorithm has been used to compress the file and the program that needs to be used to expand it.
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What are the advantages of file compression?
It saves memory space on the computer or server. Files can be uploaded or downloaded faster as they are smaller Sending files is less restrictive, eg the biggest file that can be sent on an email is 10mb
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What is an INDEX?
The Index contains the information needed to expand the file to its original size.
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How is an algorithm used to compress a file?
It creates an index file which is compressed as part of the original file, when the file is expanded it holds the information to recreate the original file.
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Give some examples of the advantages of online storage?
Saved elsewhere. Less storage space required on your computer. Can access from any device. Can access whether there is internet access.
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Give some examples of the disadvantages of online storage?
Security worries. No access without the internet. Might cost money to pay each month.
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What is meant by Collaborative working?
It means people working together, technology allows this to happen over the Internet.
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What ae the advantages of Collaborative working?
Saves time and money as users don’t have to travel to work together The same document can be worked on instead of having different versions
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What is Version control?
Version control makes sure that the latest version of the document is being worked on.
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How do you ensure that the latest version of the file is being worked on?
The file is locked when it’s being worked on, making it read only if someone else tries to access it. Software allocates version numbers and a date when it was last edited.
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What is an access level?
Users can have access to different areas and be able to edit different documents, this can be linked to your log in
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Who sets your access level?
System/Network Administrator
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What are the three access levels?
Full Access – Can read, write and delete the document, Read/Write – Can read and edit the document ,Read Only – Can only view the documents
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What is online software?
Online software is software that is held on a server and access across the Internet using a Web Browser
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What is meant by traditional software?
Traditional software, is software that is installed on your computer.
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What are the advantages of Traditional Software?
Can be accessed without the Internet as it is on the Hard Drive Runs faster than if you had a poor internet connection
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What are the advantages of Online Software?
Can be accessed anywhere through a web browser as long as you have an Internet Connection Updated automatically on the web server Data is backed up automatically Can be used on a range of different devices (Tablets, Smart Phone, and Computer) Can be
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What is an online backup?
An online backup is a files that is saved on to an external server (away from the original copy)
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What are the advantages of online backups?
If the user’s computer fails it is still safe as it is stored away from the computer Cloud storage is often backed up itself, so there is an extra layer (double) security
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Why is backing up files important?
In case the original file becomes corrupt (damaged) If the files are accidently deleted.
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What is meant by restoring a file?
A file that is backed up must be restored if the original copy is damaged, its important that we make a second copy and restore it.
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What is online Communication?
This is transferring data between one another or many people, this can be done through specialist software or websites for example social media.
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What is Social Networking?
These are sites that allows users to connect with each other over similar interests and they can be involved in different places
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What is an Online Community?
A group of people that exists online and communicate with each other, this can be known as a network of friends.
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What is a blog?
A web log, journal or diary that is kept on line and can be read by others
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What is microblogging?
Allows for short messages to be exchanged, e.g Twitter
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What is a Wiki?
A website that anyone can edit or share information on
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What is a podcast?
An audio or video file which is usually published in episodes,
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What is a Chatroom?
A place where users can communicate, through typed words, users HAVE to be online at the same time.
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What is an online chat?
An exchange of typed messages between users in Real Time.
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What is meant by Netiquette?
A set of rules which users conform to when online, it is short for net etiquette
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What are some examples of Netiquette?
Not using Capital letters as this means shouting and appreciating the privacy of others as well as not making unkind comments
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What is Instant Messaging?
A method of exchanging messages instantly between 2 or more users. Software or a website is made to make the connections, allowing users to share files and images.
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What is an online profile?
Our presence online for example on social media or gaming website. It needs to have a name and details about yourself.
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What does VoIP stand for?
Voice over Internet Protocol
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What is VoIP?
Computers connected through their IP address allows users to communicate using Video and Audio, an example of this is Skype.
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What are the advantages of VoIP?
>Reduces Travel time and costs as users can share using video and audio >No additional charges as it ONLY uses the Internet >You are able to contact someone anywhere in the world there is an Internet Connection
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What are the disadvantages of using Voip?
>Relies entirely on an internet connection, so if it is slow or it could cut out >There is a security risk that someone else could access it (hackers) The quality could be affected as audio has to be converted, transmitted and converted back again
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What does Ubiquitous mean?
Ubiquitous means existing everywhere
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What is Ubiquitous computing?
Ubiquitous Computing is where processors are placed in to everyday objects
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What can Ubiquitous computers be used for?
Clothing – monitor heart rate, measure distance run, Vehicles – built in GPS/sat nav, Buildings – detect smoke, set off alarms and contact brigade, People – Pacemakers to regulate heartbeat, Appliances – Washing machines, to measure wash load size, a
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What does RFID stand for?
Radio Frequency Identification
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What can RFID chips be used for?
They can be used to track or identify an object, there is no need for anything to be scanned. An example would be security in a clothing shop
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What is Cloud Computing?
This is where user’s data is stored on external servers (hosts) rather than the user’s hard drive, some examples are Google Cloud or Dropbox
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Where can Cloud Storage be accessed?
Cloud storage can be accessed anywhere, there is an internet connection, users will require an app or web browser to get to the data as they don’t have access to the server directly.
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What are the benefits of Cloud Storage?
Costs – You only pay for what you use, some are often free, Availability – Available anywhere and anytime, as long as there is an internet connection, Can be shared – Access to certain files and folders can be shared, to family, friends and colleague
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What are the drawbacks to cloud storage?
Reliability – Depends how reliable your host is, Software – they may not use the latest version, Security – The files are kept by the company and you have no control over them, Slow – A poor connection means that accessing files and data could be slo
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What is the Internet?
A group of GLOBAL Network of interconnected computers that allows data to be exchanged between computers and devices
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What is the difference between the Internet and World Wide Web?
The Internet is the technology, the World Wide Web is the content, e.g web pages, data
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What is a server?
A computer that runs special software to serve other computers, this can be a print server, email server etc
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What is a client?
A computer or device that uses services provided by a server The client is what you use to access the Internet
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What is a Router?
A device used to direct ‘route’ traffic across the Internet, they look for the best route for your data
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What are connections/cables?
How the hardware is connected to each other, cables, fibre and telephone lines are commonly used
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What is meant by the backbone?
A big cable that connects a large amount of devices
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What does ISP stand for?
Internet Service Provider
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What does an ISP do?
An ISP allows clients to connect to the Internet, it would too expensive to connect directly to the Internet. It may provide connection to 1 or more clients.
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What can an ISP provide?
Access to the Internet, email address, website space, technical support
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What is a PoP?
Point of Presence. An access point to the Internet, an ISP will provide this and use several of these
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What is a NAP?
Network Access Point, different networks interconnect here, e.g the school network to the internet
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What does URL stand for?
Universal Resource Locator
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What is a connection method?
This is HOW we connect to the Internet.
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What are the three most common connection methods?
Wireless, Broadband and Dial Up
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