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2. What did McGrew, Philosophy of Science, an Historical Anthology, not comment on?

  • Demarcation Criterion and the distinction between metaphysics and pseudo-scientific varieties?
  • Logical positivism and the Vienna Circle?
  • Popper and his idea that all theories are born refuted?
  • The concepts of Prescience, Exemplar and Paradigm.
  • Lakatos and the methodology of Research Programmes who opposed Kuhn's idea and supported Poppers
  • Kuhn's idea of reflection on actual science history undermines the normative constraint met by a set of rules

3. Which is not a feature of Trewick et al (2007) Hello New Zealand?

  • There is decreasing evidence from molecular data that much of this biodiversity is the product of evolution following relatively recent colonization
  • Oceanic islands, generally the products of volcanic activity, provide natural experiments as biological populations are well delimited and the age of islands can be determined using radiometric dating.
  • It is widely accepted that the flora and fauna is primarily ancient and of vicariant Gondwannan origin
  • Whether modern NZ has a terrestrial link through time with the continent Zealandia or whether NZ present terrestrial existence is the product of tectonic activity initiated around 2.6 Ma?

4. Which is not a feature of Lavers, Why Elephants have big ears? (For dinosaurs)

  • Made bold claim in the 90's that dinosaurs were warm blooded just like birds and mammals, as they have always been perceived as cold blooded
  • Bakkers 1960 collated info from palaeontologists, biologists and ecologists and reinterpreted the Mesozoic world
  • He explained his ling of reasoning based in the ecological consequences of differences in metabolic rate and the relationship between predator and prey
  • Claimed they were no longer reptiles as the tetrapod tree showed that they were just a different as mammals were to reptiles

5. Which is not a feature of Giribet and Boyer (2010) Moa's Ark or Goodbye Gondwanna?

  • Short range endemic soil dwelling invertebrates show that at least some of them are the result of old lineages that diversified in NZ before the hypothesised submersion event 22mya
  • NZ had indeed had old lineages as well as recently diversified lineages and compare this situation with that of other more stable areas of Neotropics.
  • The ancient origins of its biota have been questioned recently with some suggesting that all current land organisms had to arrive to the islands after it re-emerged from the ocean 22mya
  • NZ has been traditionally considered to host ancient bioata that originated by dispersal after it separated from Australia, 80mya
  • NZ has been traditionally considered to host ancient bioata that originated by vicariance after it separated from Australia, 80mya


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