Oleanna Context

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1. What was there a reaction against in universities in the early 90s?

  • The white, male, middle class elite deciding reading lists
  • Reading lists being dictated by feminists and racial minorities
  • People reacted against more people being able to attend universities, fearing such a move would reduce the value of education
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2. Carol's leap of self-assuredness comes across as that of an intelligent...

  • ...but insecure person struggling to assert herself in the face of elitism
  • ...but inexperienced person struggling to connect to the academic rules of engagement
  • ...but vindictive young woman struggling to overcome her prejudices about the education system

3. What does John confess to at the end of the performance held in the Royal Court Theatre?

  • Allowing Carol to go too far
  • Failing the young
  • Failing himself

4. In which production of 'Oleanna' was there a distorted soundtrack between acts?

  • The Missouri Repertory Theatre
  • London Garrick
  • Royal Court Theatre

5. Which collection of essays branded PC 'the most important discussion in American education'

  • Debating PC: The controversy over political correctness on political correctness
  • Racism and Sexism
  • Ole Bull's Legacy


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