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2. What caused sexual harassment to become such a serious problem in the early 90s?

  • The economic recession
  • University fees
  • A lack of regulation in institutes like universities

3. Carol's leap of self-assuredness comes across as that of an intelligent...

  • ...but insecure person struggling to assert herself in the face of elitism
  • ...but inexperienced person struggling to connect to the academic rules of engagement
  • ...but vindictive young woman struggling to overcome her prejudices about the education system

4. Which collection of essays branded PC 'the most important discussion in American education'

  • Debating PC: The controversy over political correctness on political correctness
  • Racism and Sexism
  • Ole Bull's Legacy

5. Where was Carol described as delivering 'a heartfelt appeal for recognition of her emotional experience'

  • Maidment Theatre, New Zealand
  • Royal Court Theatre, London
  • The Missouri Repertory Theatre


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