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2. What was the name of the anthology introduced by the University of Texas, as part of a compulsory English course?

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  • Racism and Sexism
  • Debating PC: The controversy over political correctness on college campuses

3. What did Mamet call sexual harassment?

  • 'Some kind of intermediary mechanism'
  • 'A vindictive, manipulative, extreme-feminist weapon'
  • 'A symbol of oppression in today's society'

4. 'The points she makes about power and privilege - I believe them all. ...'

  • '...Each person's point of view is correct. Yet they end up destroying each other.'
  • '...Carol's point of view is correct. Yet she is destroyed.'
  • '...Each person's point of view is correct. Yet both emerge victorious.'

5. Which university banned teacher-student relationships?

  • The University of Virginia
  • The University of Texas
  • Goddard College


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