Offer and Acceptance-cases

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1. Which case established the position that the communication of the revocation of the offer can be conducted by a third party who is a reliable source?

  • Dickinson V Dodd
  • Shuey V US
  • Erington V Erington
  • Fawcett V Smethurst
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2. The case 'Gibson V Manchester City Council' falls under which category?

  • Final Acceptance
  • ITT
  • Unilateral offer
  • Revocation

3. Which of the following cases establishes the rule that acceptance should be unconditional?

  • Tinn V Hoffman
  • Adam V Lindsel
  • Entores
  • Household Insurance V Grant

4. Which case develops the postal rule?

  • Brimnes
  • Dunmore V Alexander
  • Adam V Lindsel
  • Brikinbon

5. Which of the following cases established the position for Auctions, that the holding of an auction is an ITT while the bidder makes the offer.

  • Carlile
  • Harison V Nickerson
  • Payne V Cave
  • White V Bluet


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