Of Mice and Men - Slim

This quiz is about the character of Slim in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

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1. How is he physically described?

  • "proud, aloof man"; "eyes lay deep in his head"; "lean face"
  • "tall man"; "long black, damp hair"; "face was ageless"
  • "small and quick"; "dark of face"; "sharp, strong features"
  • "thin young man"; "brown eyes"; "tightly curled hair"
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2. Which character does he mostly show friendship with?

  • Whitey
  • George
  • Crooks
  • Candy

3. What would he have done with the puppies before he gave them to Lennie and Candy?

  • He would have "given 'em to the boss"
  • He would have "slit their throats"
  • He would have "drowned most of 'em"
  • He would have "sold 'em"

4. What is his job on the ranch?

  • Jerkline Skinner
  • Stable Boy
  • The Boss
  • Butcher

5. Which one of these themes is mainly associated with him?

  • Dreams
  • Power and Authority
  • Love vs Lust
  • Loss of Control


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