Of Mice and Men

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Context: The Wall Street Crash
Led to depression, Shortage of money, food and work, Banks went bust so people lost savings and people were homeless and unemployed.
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Context: Migrant Farmers
Suffered due to draughts and couldn't pay loans so sold land.
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Context: Ranch Hands
Low pay but get fed and have bunkhouses to sleep in.
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Plot: Chapter 1
Night before new job, Camp by 'narrow pool', Lennie strokes dead mouse, Lost weed job due to Lennie, Both discuss the dream, They have strong friendship and depend on eachother.
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Plot: Chapter 2
Arrive at the ranch, Shown round by Candy, Meet boss & Curley, George warns Lennie to stay away from Curley, Wife is a flirt and pretty, They meet Carlson and Slim.
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Plot: Chapter 3
George tells Slim why he travels with Lennie and what happened in Weed, Candy's dog shot by Carlson, George tells Candy about dream, Candy has money saved so joins their dream, Curley provokes Lennie, Lennie crushes his hand, All agree to say nothing
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Plot: Chapter 4
Most men go out, Leave Lennie and Crooks, Crooks doesnt believe in dream, Candy get involved, Wife threatens Crooks
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Plot: Chapter 5
Lennie kills pup(accident), Wife lets him stroke her hair, Lennie kills her(accident), He runs to hide in Brush, Candy finds body, Curley wants revenge
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Plot: Chapter 6
Lennie hides in Brush, Thinks about dream, Remembers Aunt C, George find him and tells him story, George shoots him.
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Characters: George
Cares for L, Keeps L out of trouble, L stops him being lonely, Works hard for money
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Characters: Slim
Jerkline skinner, Leader, Respected, Understands G and L relationship
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Characters: Lennie
Big, Not clever, Relies on & trusts G, Copies G, Share dream, Likes soft things, Forgetful, Wouldnt hurt on purpose
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Characters: Curley
Boss son, Doesnt need to work hard, Hates bug guys, Wife is a tart, Glove full of vaseline
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Characters: Wife
Pretty, No name, Flirt, Curleys property, Doenst care about Curley, Wanted to be actress/Model
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Characters: Crooks
Only black, Injured back working, Discriminated, Segregated, Cynicle about dream, Only a few posessions, Lonely
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Characters: Candy
Oldest, Lost hand, Cleans bunkhouse, Joins G&L dream, Carlson shoots his only companion(dog)
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Themes: Loneliness
Crooks is only black and segregated. Candy when dog shot. Ranchers travel alone.
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Themes: Powerlessness
Lennie mentally. Crooks defensless against Wife.
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Themes: Power
Slim is respected. Curley as Boss son.
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Themes: Dreams
G & L share dream. Wife movie star. Crooks equality. Lennie rabbits.
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Themes: Nature
Brush is safety for L. Opening tranquil->Ending opposite
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Themes: Violence
Curley and L fight. Carlson shoots dog. G verbal abuse to L.
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Themes: Death
G shoots L and Carlson shoots Dog(parallel). L killing esculates(mice,dog,wife).
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Themes: Friendship
G & L unusual and Candy & dog(parallel).
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Context: Migrant Farmers


Suffered due to draughts and couldn't pay loans so sold land.

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Context: Ranch Hands


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Plot: Chapter 1


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