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citus, cita, citum
swift, rapid, quick
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citra (+acc)
on this side, short of
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citerior, citerius
on this side, nearer
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civillis, civillis, civille
civic, civil, courteous, gracious
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cliens, clientis (m)
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coerceo, coercere, coercui, coercitum
to enclose, to confine, to restrain
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coicio, coicere, coieci, coiectum
to throw together, to fling, to conjecture
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collega, collegae (m)
colleague, associate
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colligo, coligere, collegi, collectum
to pick up, to gather, to collect
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collum, colli (n)
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colloco, collocare, collocavi, collocatum
to station, to arrange, to establish, to place together
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color, coloris (m)
colour, complexion
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coma, comae (f)
hair, foliage
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commemoro, commemorare, commemoravi, commemoratum
to mention, to recount, to recall
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commendo, commendare, commendavi, commendatum
to entrust, to reccomend
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communcio, communicare, communicabi, communicatum
to share, to communicate with
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comperio, comperire, comperi, compertum
to find out, to ascertain, to embrace, to comprehend
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complector, complecti, complexus sum
to compose, to place together
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compono, componere, composui, compositum
to settle, to arrange
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comprehendo, compregendere, compregendi, comprehensum
to grasp, to seize, to comprehend, to include
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concido, concidere, concidi
to fall, to collapse, to perish
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concilio, conciliare, conciliavi, conciliatum
to unite, to win over, to bring together
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concilium, concilii (n)
meeting, assembly, council
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concito, concitare, concitavi, concitatum
to pout in quick motion, to stir up, to excite, to urge
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concursus, concursus (m)
running together, assembly, collision, onset, rush, charge
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condemno, condemnare, condemnavi, condemnatum
to condemn
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condo, condere, condidi, conditum
to found, to establish, to hide
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condicio, condicionis (f)
condition, agreement, arrangement, rank
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confido, confidere, confisus sum (+dat)
to have complete trust, to feel confidence
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confiteor, confiteri, confessus sum
to admit, to confess
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confugio, confugere, confugi
to flee for refuge
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conquiro, conquirere, conquisii/conquisivi, conquisitum
to seek out, to search thoroughly for
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conscientia, conscientiae (f)
knowledge, consciousness, conscience
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conscius, conscia, conscium
sharing in knowledge, partner, accomplice
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consecro, consecrare, consecravi, consecratum
to dedicate, to consecrate
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consentio, consentire, consensi, consesum
to agree, to conspire
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consero, conserere, conserui, consertum
to fasten together, to connect
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conservo, conservare, conservavi, conservatum
to guard closely, to keep from harm
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consido, considere, consedi, consessum
to sit down, to settle down, to establish oneself
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conspectus, conspectus (m)
sight, view
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conspicio, conspicere, conspexi, conspectum
to catch sight of
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conspicuus, conspicua, conspicuum
visible, remarkable, distinguished
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consuesco, consuescere, consuevi, consuetum
to become accustomed
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consuetudo, consuetudinis (f)
custom, habit
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consumo, consumere, consumpsi, consumptum
to use up, to consume, to devour
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contentio, contentionis (f)
struggle, dispute, exertion, effort
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contentus, contenta, contentum
contented, satisfied
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contingo, contingere, contingi, contactum
to touch, to affect, to happen
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on this side, short of


citra (+acc)

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on this side, nearer


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civic, civil, courteous, gracious


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