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arcus, arcus (m)
bow, arch
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ardeo, ardere, arsi, arsum
to burn, to be on fire, to be eager
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arduus, ardua, ardum
lofty, steep, difficult, laborious
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arena, arenae (f)
sand, arena, amphitheatre
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arguo, arguere, argui, argutum
to declare, to prove, to accuse
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aridus, arida, aridum
dry, parched
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artifex, artificis (m)
skilful, ingenious, craftsman, artist
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artificium, artificii (n)
workmanship, work of art, dexterity
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asper, aspera, asperum
rough, uneven, harsh, savage
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aspicio, aspicere, aspexi, aspectum
to look at, to inspect
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asporto, asportare, asportavi, asportatum
to carry away
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assequor, assequi, assecutus sum
to follow after, to overtake, to gain, to comprehend
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assiduus, assidua, assidum
incessant, persistent, continually present, indefatigable
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atrium, atrii (n)
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auctor, auctoris (m)
originator, author, writer, instigator, authority, guarantor
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aura, aurae (f)
breeze, wind
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auris, auris (f)
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avaritia, avaritiae (f)
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averto, avertere, averti, aversum
to turn aside, to avert, to divert
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avidus, avida, avidum
greedy, eager, desirous
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avus, avi (m)
grandfather, ancestor
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balneum, balnei (n)
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bello, bellare, bellavi, bellatum
to wage war
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benevolentia, benevolentiae (f)
good-will, kindness
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bracchium, bracchii (n)
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caecus, caeca, caecum
blind, hidden
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calamitas, calamitatis (f)
damage, loss, disaster
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calamitosus, calamitosa, calamitosum
disastrous, destructive
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calidus, calida, calidum
warm, hot, impetuous, prompt
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candidus, candida, candidum
dazzling white, gleaming, clear, serene, frank, candid
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cano, canere, cecini, cantum
to sing, to play an instrument, to predict
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canto, cantare, cantavi, cantatum
to sing, to play
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capillus, capilli (m)
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captivus, captivi (m)
captive, prisoner
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carcer, carceris (m)
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carmen, carmines (n)
song, poem, prophecy
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carpo, carpere, carpsi, carptum
to pluck, to gather
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caveo, cavere, cavi, cautum
to beware, to guard against
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cavus, cava, cavum
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celebro, celebrare, celebravi, celebratum
to attend, to fill, to go in great numbers, to do frequently, to honour
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celeber, celebris, celebre
crowded, frequented, famous
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certamen, certaminis (n)
contest, rivalry, combat
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certo, certare, certavi, certatum
to decide by contest, to contend, to compete, to vie with
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cervis, cervicis (f)
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cesso, cessare, cessavi, cessatum
to be inactive, to be idle
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cinis, cineris (m/f)
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cingo, cingere, cinxi, cinctum
to surround, to encircle
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circiter (+acc)
about, near
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circumdo, circumdare, circumdedi, circumdatum
to set round, to encircle, to surround
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cito, citare, citavi, citatum
to put into swift motion, to hurry, to excite, to summon
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Card 2


to burn, to be on fire, to be eager


ardeo, ardere, arsi, arsum

Card 3


lofty, steep, difficult, laborious


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Card 4


sand, arena, amphitheatre


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Card 5


to declare, to prove, to accuse


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