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sino, sinere, sii/sivi, situm
to allow
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singularis, singularis, singulare
alone, single
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singuli, singulae, singula
one each
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sinus, sinus (m)
lap, fold, curve, bay
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societas, sociertatis (f)
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sodalis, sodalis (m)
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sol, solis (m)
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sollicito, sollicitare, sollicitavi, sollicitatum
to rouse, to exciste to disturb
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sollicitudo, sollicitudinis (f)
anxiety, disquiet
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solum, soli (n)
ground, floor, soil
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somnus, somni (m)
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somnium, somnii (n)
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sono, sonare, sonui, sonitum
to make a noise, to resound
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sonus, soni (m)
sound, noise
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sonitus, sonitus (m)
sound, noise, din
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sopor, soporis (m)
sleep, stupor
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sordidus, sordida, sordidum
dirty, shabby, base, vile
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sors, sortis (f)
lot, chance, fate, destiny, prophecy
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spatium, spatii (n)
space, expanse, distance, interval, opportunity
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species, speciei (f)
sight, appearance, likeness, idea
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sperno, spernere, sprevi, spretum
to reject, to scorn
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spiritus, spiritus (m)
spirit, life, inspiration, breath
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statio, stationis (f)
post, station
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statua, statuae (f)
statue, image
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status, status (m)
position, situation
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stipendium, stipendii (n)
pay, tax, military service
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studeo, studere, studui (+dat)
to be eager, to apply oneself, to study, to be devoted to
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studiosus, studiosa, studiosum
keen, eager, devoted, enthusiastic, studious
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stultitia, stultitiae (f)
foolishness, folly
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stuprum, stupri (n)
disgrace, dishonour
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subicio, subicere, subieci, subiectum
to subject, to suggest
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subigo, subigere,subegi, subactum
to tame, to conquer, to subjugate, to force
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subsidiu, subsidii (n)
support, aid
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succedo, succedere, successi, successum
to come after, to follow in succession, to approach
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succurro, succurrere, succurri, succursum
to help
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suffero, suffere, sustuli, sublatum
to bear up, to support
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sumptus, sumptus (m)
expense, cost
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superbia, superbiae (f)
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superbus, superba superbum
arrogant, overbearing, haughty
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superstes, superstitis
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supersum, superesse, superfui
to remain, to survive
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superior, superius
higher, former, older, greater, superior
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supra (+acc)
above, beyond
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supremus, suprema, supremum
highest, latest, final
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supplex, supplicis
suppliant, in humble entreaty
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supplico, supplicare, supplicavi, supplicatum (+dat)
to entreat, to beg humbly
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suspicio, supsicere, suspexi, suspectum
to suspect, to mistrust, to look up at
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suspicio, suspicionis (f)
suspicion, mistrust
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suspicior, suspicari, suspicatus sum
to suspect, to mistrust
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taedium, taedii (n)
weariness, boredom
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tango, tangere, tetigi, tactum
to touch
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tardus, tarda, tardum
slow, sluggish, deliberate
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tectum, tecti (n)
roof, house
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tego, tegere, texi, tectum
to cover
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tellus, telluris (f)
earth, land
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alone, single


singularis, singularis, singulare

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one each


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lap, fold, curve, bay


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