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abdo, abdere, abdidi, abditum
to hide
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absens, absentis
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abstineo, abstinere, abstinui, abstentum
to keep away from, to abstain
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accusatio, accusationis (f)
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acerbus, acerba, acerbum
bitter, harsh, severe
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acuo, acuere, acui, acutum
to sharpen, to spur on
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acutus, acuta, acutum
sharp, pointed, shrill, keen
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adhibeo, adhibere, adhibui, adhibitum
to apply, to make use of, to bring in, to summon
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adimo, adimere, ademi, ademptum
to take away (from + dat)
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adipiscor, adipisci, adeptus sum
to obtain, to get, to reach
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aditus, aditus (m)
approach, entrance, admittance
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administro, administrare, administravi, administratum
to manage
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admiror, admirari, admiratus sum
to wonder at, to admire, to be surprised at
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admiratio, admirationis (f)
admiration, surprise, astonishment
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admitto, admittere, admisi, admissum
to admit, to allow
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admoneo, admonere, admonui, admonitum
to warn, to advise, to remind
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adorior, adoriri, adortus sum
to attack, to address, to rise up
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adulescentulus, aduescentuli (m)
young man
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adversarius, adversaria, adversarium
opposed to, opponent, enemy
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aeger, aegra, aegrum
sick, ill, troubled
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hardly, with difficulty, with regret, with pain
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aequalis, aequalis, aequale
equal, level, even, contemporary
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aequo, aequare, aequavi, aequatum
to equalise, to make level, to compare
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aequitas, aequitatis (f)
calmness, evenness, uniformity, fairness
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aequor, aequoris (n)
level surface, plain, sea
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aer, aeris (m)
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aes alienum, aeris alieni (n)
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aestimo, aestimare, aestimavi, aestimatum
to value, to estimate, to assess
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aevum, aevi (n)
age, time, life-time, eternity
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afficio, afficere, affeci, affectum
to influence, to affect, to work upon, to endow with
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affirmo, affirmare, affirmavi, affirmatum
to confirm, to declare
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affligo, affligere, afflixi, afflictum
to knock down, to crush, to knock against
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aggredior, aggredi, aggressus sum
to approach, to attack
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agito, agitare, agitavi, agitatum
to put in motion, to drive, to spur on, to disturb, to consider
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alacer, alacris, alacre
lively, brisk, spirited, cheerful
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albus, alba, album
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alo, alere, alui, alitum/altum
to feed, to nourish, to rear
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ambitio, ambitionis (f)
striving for favour, canvassing, ambition
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ambitus, ambitus (m)
bribery, courting favour, a going round, ostentation
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amentia, amentiae (f)
madness, folly
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amnis, amnis (m)
stream, river
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amplitudo, aplitudinis (f)
width, size, grandeur, importance
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aceps, acipitis
twofold, uncertain, doubtful, risky
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ancora, ancora (f)
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angustiae, angustiarum (f pl)
strait, defile, limit
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angustus, angusta, angustum
narrow, limited
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anima, anima (f)
air, wind, breath, life, soul
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anulus, anuli (m)
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appeto, appetere, appetii/appetivi, appetitum
to make for, to try to reach, to crave for
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atus, apta, aptum
fitting, suitable, appropriate
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aquila, aquile (f)
eagle, standard
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aro, arare, aravi, aratum
to plough
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arceo, arcere, arcui
to keep off
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absens, absentis

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to keep away from, to abstain


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bitter, harsh, severe


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