OCR Unit 2 Biology The effects of smoking

A little quiz to help final knowledge. Maybe a couple of days before your exams?


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1. How does tar effect cilia

  • paralyses or kills them
  • infects them, turning them into cancerous cells
  • makes them grow
  • turns them into goblet cells
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2. what are some of the effects of smokers cough

  • damages the lining of the airways, causing it to be raplaced by scar tissue
  • increases the diffusion distance
  • rots teeth
  • gives you permenantly cracked lips

3. tar .....

  • decreases the diffusion distance for o2 and co2
  • settles on the airways and alveoli
  • blocks the blood vessels

4. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is

  • when the tar from smoke blocks you airways completely, and starts poisoning the air entering your lungs
  • a combo of diseases such as emphysema and asthma
  • a form of cancer
  • Just a cough

5. Name the three main harmful substances in tobacco smoke

  • nicotine, carbon monoxide , cement
  • cement, carbon dioxide , sugar
  • nicotine, carbon monoxide,tar
  • carbon dioxide, tar , nicotine


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