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Minimum efficient scale
the lowest level of output where LRAC is minimised
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economies of scale
benefits gained through producing on a larger scale
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a business practice where revenue from profitable activities is used to support loss-making ones
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average cost
unit cost of production
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derived demand
demand that depends upon the final output that is produced
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profit maximisation
achieved where MC=MR
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external economies of scale
falling LRAC that will benefit the whole economy
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supernormal profit
profit that is more than normal profit
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dynamic efficiency
unit costs are lowered over time
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where firms tacitly or otherwise agree to not compete on prices, service provision and other mattes that might adversely affect mutual well-being.
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a situation where revenue from a tax is directly allocated to some other purpose
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price discrimination
where a monopolist charges different prices for the same product in different markets
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the outcome of a competitive system to bid for the provision of services
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concentration ratio
the proportion of the total market shared between the nth largest firms (usually 4 or 5)
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a market dominated by a few large firms
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road user charging
a flat-rate charge is made fo the use of a stretch of road or access into a designated charging zone
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where the actions of one firm provoke counter action by another
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establishing a common set of rules and regulations to be followed
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excess capacity
a consequence of firms producing at above he minimum point on the AC curve
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deadweight loss
loss to society where price exceeds MC
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Marginal Cost
the change in total cost when one more unit of output is produced
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