OCR Gateway GCSE Science P1:Understanding Heat & Temperature Quiz

Hope this quiz helps you to understand more aspects of this topic! Good Luck Guys! x

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1. What Are The Units Of Temperature?

  • Joules
  • Degrees Celcius
  • Degrees Fahrenheit
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2. What Are The Units Of Heat In The Form Of Energy?

  • Joules
  • Kilowatt Per Hours
  • Degrees Celsius

3. Heat Is Not The Measure Of The Average Kinetic Energy Of The Particles In A Substance

  • False
  • True

4. In A Thermogram, The Hottest Colours Are Red

  • False
  • True

5. Hot Drinks Will Cool Down As Energy Is Transferred To Its Surroundings

  • True
  • False




Hey, this is great for my OCR B Gateway GCSE Core Science study, can you make more stuff like this for Biology and Chemistry too to secure that A* grade? I've got my exams in May. Thanks x



Thanks this was really helpful for revision for my GCSE Physics! :D

Miss KHP


Fantastic revision tool to test yourself on your understanding of heat and temperature! The timer helps prepare you for the exam! 

Great for OCR P1 test

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