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2. Which fear group gave the highest increase in dental hygiene in the study on fear arousal?

  • Moderate at 22% increase
  • Maximum at 45% increase
  • Minimal at 36% increase
  • Control group at 15% increase

3. Why is stress inoculation therapy more effective than systematic desensitisation?

  • Reduced anxiety levels and improved IQ tests
  • Improved IQ tests and reduced depression
  • Reduced tension headaches and increased ability to concentrate

4. Who studied cognitive ways of managing stress?

  • Gottesman and Shields
  • Meichenbaum
  • Budzynski
  • Geer and Maisel

5. Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety and Leibowitz Social Phobia Scale were used by who?

  • Ohman
  • DiNardo
  • Leibowitz
  • Hamilton


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