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2. The slope of a voltage-current graph shows...

  • Cost of electricity
  • Resistance
  • Voltage
  • Current

3. Radioactive elements emit...

  • Ionising radiation.
  • Electromagnetic spectrums.
  • Light rays.
  • Low humming sounds.

4. Which of these does nuclear power stations NOT use to get rid of radioactive material?

  • Bury it in the ocean.
  • Bury it in landfill sites.
  • Seal it into concrete blocks.
  • Sealed in glass and steel, then cooled for 50 years.

5. What is a half-life?

  • The time taken to produce a radioactive material.
  • The time taken for half of the radioactive nuclei present to decay.
  • How long it will take for someone to die after contamination.
  • How long it will take for half of the radioactive nuclei to die.


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