objectivity and values

sociology can and should be value free. Job to discover truth about how society works to improve human life
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empirical detachment precondition for scientific knowledge . Looked for social facts which are only found with scientific methods and value freedom
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queen of sciences. follow scientific method having hypothesis to start with and test from that. Non ideological, objective and value free
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saw self as scientist. science helps deliver the 'good society' and believed he discovered truth about societys future with his methods
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values can't be proved of disproved with the facts. can use values to research, and in interpreting it but must be stated to avoid influence. Values must be kept out of data collection and researchers should not dodge moral issues of harm caused
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Modern positivists
values irrelevant. 1)desire to appear scientific- concerned with fact and has high prestige so to raise sociologys status should mimick it. 2) social position of sociology=went from problem makers to problem solvers hiring selves out to gov.
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sociology cannot and should not be value free. It isn't possible as humans have values. it is disservice but sociologists should be concerned with validity and accuracy over anything else
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sociology being value free is unsociological.
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separation of facts and values is like separation of man from beast in minotuar. Own values or those of paymasters are going to be reflected in research. Different perspectives embody different assumptions and values . Undesirable as values guide
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finding just reflection of values. Different groups embody different views. No way to know if one view is true or not. no objective truths just plurality or truths. What is true is true for you
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relativist view- no privileged accounts that have special access of truth. Any perspective claiming truth is just meta narrative.
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funding and careers
funder control research and questions asked so research embodies values and opinions of paymasters. They can prevent publication if findings are unacceptable
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committed sociology
sociology should not be value free but should have morals. should have own set of values that underpin subject and should openly take sides.
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traditionally taken view point of powerful instead we should take side of underdog and stand up for them e.g mental patient. Should have values and decide whos side are we on
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Gouldner- criticises becker
romantic view of disadvantaged.
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can we values free and subjective. Good sociologists can be involved and detached at same time
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empirical detachment precondition for scientific knowledge . Looked for social facts which are only found with scientific methods and value freedom

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